Women in Healthcare – It Is Time to Tell Your Story – XX in Health Week Starts 7/30

July 27, 2012



Just a reminder that XX in Health Week starts on July 30th.   This celebration of women in healthcare is the brainchild of the good folks over at Rock Health, a woman-led health tech incubator that is committed to supporting female leaders through their XX in Health Initiative.  The idea is to share stories and to stimulate dialogue around the importance of gender diversity in healthcare.  TDWI is supporting the Initiative by posting articles written by (or about) women in healthcare the  entire week of 7/30.  The articles can be something you have already written, something that appears on your blog, or something brand new.  They can also be written by men about women.  We already have some excellent submissions, but we would like even more…there are so many stories to  tell.
Some possible topics include:

  • Your journey–what it means to be a woman in healthcare (as a leader, manager, employee, patient, consumer, mother, etc.)
  • A woman that inspires you; a profile of an important woman leader in healthcare
  • What your organization does to support diversity
  • Why gender equality and diversity in the workplace is important
  • What women bring to healthcare that’s unique
  • An experience around gender diversity that you’ve learned from
  • A list of women in healthcare on twitter to follow
Please send your posts to psalber@gmail.com.
TDWI will be editing posts, but we hope to publish a wide variety of writers, writing styles, and topics. Please include videos, photos,& links, if relevant.  But the most important is to just tell your story.  We look forward to reading them all.
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