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Year-End Health Policy Musings

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Posted in CMSCorporateDiversionsHealthcare Policy & The MediaPolitics & The Law

As 2011 fades into 2012 and the inevitable roll of “best of” lists begins to infiltrate the print, online, and broadcast media universe, healthcare policy is sure to be included. One of those bridging year-end/new year issues apprears to be headed in a more assured direction, as the House GOP and Senate Dems have agreed on a 2 month extension of the payroll tax cut — including the Medicare “doc-fix” provision. Here’s hoping GOP Speaker Boehner does the right thing and continues to push for a yearlong extension…

Of course, this saga is the first of many issues sure to keep the health policy flames ablaze in ’12. Concerns by states of rising Medicaid expenses as reform draws closer; more permanent solutions to incremental and programmatic Medicare reimbursements to be sought; continued legal challenges to the ACA (which the SCOTUS will be taking up in an unprecedented 3-day affair); and last — but certainly not least — the 2012 campaign itself. Will an Obama defeat mean the end of reform as we presently are getting to know it, or will a (narrow?) victory for the president bring greater sympathy for cause, establishing the type of legacy for his top domestic issue he so desperately desires after two terms in office? As always, stay tuned. Next year looks to be an exciting one.

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