The healthcare industry can be extremely lucrative, but it is tough for many students and professionals to decide which fields are growing and in need of new talent. Here is a list of five healthcare fields that are not only growing today, but also estimated to need thousands of new employees in the coming years.


With a shortage of oncologists and huge sums of money being put into cancer research, this is a great option for anyone who is looking to get into medicine. In addition to specializing in oncology as a doctor, students can also head to school to become an oncology nurse or assistant. Medical professionals in this field must have an excellent academic background and a strong sense of empathy for the terminal patients they will be working with.

Geriatric Medicine

We have come to a point in history when Baby Boomers outnumber practically every other demographic, and this generation will be retiring in the near future. This means geriatric medicine could become overburdened with millions of new patients. Anyone who happens to be interested in working with older adults can go down any number of unique career paths ranging from long-term caregiving to geriatric surgery.


Radiology has advanced quite a bit in recent years, and the field of medicine is rushing to catch up. Fresh employees are needed to take control of the new technology that is being developed at an unexpected rate. With a radiologic technology online degree, graduates can work in practically any department in a hospital including NICU, trauma, and even cosmetic surgery.

Medical Records and Information Technology

The digitization of medical records has been going on for over two decades, but hospitals and private practices still need technicians who can help them through this process. These IT professionals not only need to have a good grasp on the field of medicine, but they must also understand the inherent dangers of placing this sensitive data online.

Chiropractic Care

The popularity of chiropractic care has exploded in recent years with mounds of research showing just how beneficial it can be. Unlike many other specialists, chiropractors generally work in a private practice with consistent hours and excellent pay. For those who are not interested in acquiring a doctorate, some other jobs in this field include associate chiropractors, massage therapists, and chiropractic office assistants.

No matter what field you end up choosing, the healthcare industry will always need devoted, intelligent, and driven professionals who are ready to take charge in the coming generations.