As reported by Denise Silber on her blog, there is great happiness in the land of Doctors 2.0 & You, as we learn that one patient who had suffered for 18 months was restored to health in 2 weeks, thanks to a “super tweet” that occurred at Doctors 2.0 & You.

To make this happen, it took  Lucien Engelen, Berci Mesko, Larry Chu, Sean Ahrens, Roberto Ascione, Denise Silber, and first and foremost the patient herself, but one single tweet did change a life and remarkably so! Here is the story.

Berci, Lucien Engelen 16.25.21Enter the patient :

In the fall of 2010, someone in the United States, whom Denise Silber didn’t know of or meet until recently, suddenly developed an inflammatory bowel disease, colitis. Her life was turned upside down as she dealt with this new medical problem that was constantly present. She asked her physician if any food allergy could explain her problem. He said no. And so the colitis went on.

What led to the Tweet?

In the fall of 2010, Denise Silber  went to Maastricht in the Netherlands to attend Lucien Engelen and Gunther Eysenbach’s Medicine 2.0. There, Dr Larry Chu from Stanford was scouting for speakers for Medicine 2.0 2011 in Palo Alto. Berci Mesko spoke to him about Denise (You can see that Berci — advisor to and ambassador for Doctors 2.0 & You– and Lucien know each other and also enjoyed Paris’s Doctors 2.0 & You).

And so in September 2011, off flew Denise to San Francisco, on her way to Palo Alto for Medicine X.  Larry Chu and Denise quickly realized that their two events, Medicine X and Doctors 2.0 & You, were based on the same philosophy and would be natural partners. (Larry Chu has since become one of Doctors 2.0 & You Ambassadors)  Denise Silber + Larry ChuAlso attending  Medicine X was Sean Ahrens, founder of the Crohnology community. Sean and Denise had a great chat. After the conference, Larry and his team produced a beautiful video interview of Sean, interesting for both its substance and the style.  Back in Paris to prepare for Doctors 2.0 & You 2012, a new partnership came up, with the brand new video platform, Videum that facilitates translation automatically and by volunteers. We chose the Sean Ahren’s interview to open the plenary and project it off of Videum for the subtitles. When the video came on in Paris, Roberto Ascione of Razorfish (then Publicis), father of the platform, tweeted the Videum link.  SeanAhrens Chronology 16.12.11One of Roberto’s twitterfollowers from Razorfish was the colitis patient.

The denouement: The patient saw the link, watched the film, and discovered that a gluten allergy could  indeed explain her symptoms.

Happy Ending for her : Two weeks later, she was back to normal!  Happy Beginning and Ending for Denise: Denise did not know of the person with “the story”, until her professional role led her to meet Denise recently, 7 months after the conference to talk about Doctors 2.0 & You 2013. When Denise described to this manager how the conference in 2012 had opened with a video on Videum,  the manager said, “Oh, I have a story to tell you about that video, that “cured me” And so Denise  learned how one tweet had changed a life for the better, with all due thanks to Lucien, Berci, Larry, Sean, Roberto, Denise and the former patient.
PS And now thanks to Social Media, many people will learn about the Super Tweet! —

With the contribution of …  Doctors 2.0 & You from Basil Strategies, MedicineX from Stanford Medical Center, Videum Health from Razorfish Healthware, University of Debrecen, Medicine 2.0,  Radboud University Nijmegen Reshape Center