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@KevinMD has a great new book that is designed as a guide for physicians to establish, manage and protect their online reputations.

@KevinMD has a great new book that is designed as a guide for physicians to establish, manage and protect their online reputations.  However, I believe it has value to other clinicians and even administrators who want to do the same or at least understand why physicians need to have online visibility.Image

As with all of my book reviews, I like to share a few of the ideas and concepts that stood out for me.  I hope you will do the same.

  • Guide for establishing a strong digital footprint on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and blogs – the whys and hows!
  • Create an overal strategy that includes safeguarding your reputation.
  • Social media use among the over-65 age group has gone up 154% in the past two years.
  • Several studies are highlighted that dispel the myth that online reviews are generally done by disgruntled patients.
  • Establish a positive presence, but also claim your identitythe one that already exists about you online.
  • The fascinating case of a patient using social media to have a proactive voice in his own care and find that he indeed had a giant hemangioma causing his fevers.
  • Using social media to curate and filter the Web – think Twitter!
  • “Instead of banning social media, we all need to encourage, educate, and promote the right way for healthcare professionals to use it.”
  • The story of the OB/GYN who learned from his children how to go where his patients are and build his practice.
  • AHA using YouTube to push its chest-only CPR and getting 400,000 views in just a few weeks.
  • Chapter 5 reviews of social rating sites and Chapter 6 explores SEO as social media optimization (SMO).

My prediction is that the physicians and other healthcare professional who purchase this book will refer back to it often as they launch their own social media journey or take the next step.


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