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3 Medical Fields to Watch in 2021

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2020 isn’t even over yet but it has already been a year for the ages. We’re dealing with one of the most deadly public health crises in history and, sadly, there’s still no end in sight right now. Many experts say the pandemic will continue well into 2021. 

If there is any silver lining whatsoever to the tragic Covid-19 pandemic, though, it could be the fact that it is turbo-charging the healthcare and medical technology industries. New treatments, diagnostic tools, devices, vaccines, and more are all being greenlit and pushed by both the government and the private sector in an all-hands-on-deck effort to contain the damage and streamline new solutions.

As a result of the pandemic, multiple medical fields and professions are primed to grow considerably in the coming year. 

Electromagnetic field therapy

Electromagnetic field therapy, or biomagnetic therapy, describes a series of new alternative cancer treatments revolving around the idea of using magnetic energy fields to heal the body. This includes the use of magnetized bracelets or a magnetized mattress to stimulate the body’s molecules and ions. The belief is that such activities and treatments may be able to disrupt the formation and growth of cancer cells. 

Electromagnetic field therapy is not advanced as a cure to cancer or chronic illness, but as an alternative treatment that can reduce suffering when combined effectively with other forms of treatment. The therapy got a boost when clinical studies showed that nanoparticles injected into a tumor could be pulsed magnetically and help to disrupt growth. 

There’s still more to learn and plenty of growth potential with this treatment as more people look for non-invasive medical treatments for cancer and other serious forms of chronic illness or disease. 


Needless to say, epidemiologists are working overtime right now to try to understand the Covid-19, including its vectors of transmission, contact tracing, fatality rate, the potential for herd immunity, and vaccine efficacy. There is perhaps no medical field with as bright of a spotlight on it right now as epidemiology and this can be expected to continue well into 2021.

One of the biggest roles of epidemiology is understanding community health and identifying risk factors for various populations. Epidemiologists literally investigate the origins of a disease, determining how it was born, how it spread, and who is most at risk in the future. 

In terms of Covid-19, epidemiologists are principal players in determining which public health measures need to be implemented. Social distancing mandates, school and business closings, and specific city lockdowns (which have actually been fairly rare, despite the backlash you may hear) all require heavy consultation with epidemiologists and other health officials. 

Like 2020, 2021 will be a big year for epidemiology – perhaps one of the most important in recent memory. While we’re still in the midst of getting control over Covid-19 (and are currently in the midst of huge surges across the country), there is much that can be learned which could help us better manage a future pandemic. 

Registered nurses

This has traditionally been a popular job in the healthcare industry but many nurses are reporting burnout, fatigue, and overwhelm due to the hours and stress of dealing with the pandemic. RNs have been dealt a tough hand in 2020, caring tirelessly for patients and sometimes being the only person with them as they die. It’s hard to overstate the emotional and physical toll this has taken on both nurses and doctors. 
2021 will likely start off much the same. As the pandemic plays out, we’re likely to begin hearing thousands of stories from RNs on the frontlines of the Covid-19 crisis. While it could scare off some prospective nurses, others may be inspired to sign up for a job with good pay and benefits that puts you front and center in a kind of war – a medical war that history will never forget.

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