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3 Tips To Improve Your Healthcare Customer Service Team

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  • Healthcare companies need to follow these essential customer service tips

The healthcare industry is essential to the well-being of individuals everywhere. No matter your line of work, be it hospital administration, a pharmacy or a doctor’s office, customer service is a vital part of your business. Follow these three tips to improve your healthcare customer service department’s performance. 

Ensure Online Data is Complete and Secure

While this age of evolving technology is incredibly convenient, it also poses numerous ways for people’s private information to be stolen. This is especially concerning when it comes to protected health information, or PHI.

To avoid any issues, make sure the customer service team is working on an extremely secure system and network. Additionally, they should not add PHI in any fields that are not kept private. For example, there may be a notes section in the system that is also included in a report reviewed by leadership. Make sure your staff knows not to include any PHI notes in that section.

In addition to being secure, make sure your team has a well-functioning online system. When users call, customer service should have immediate access to all appropriate data, such as orders or appointments. This way, whether callers have questions about their vitamins for acne order, how to use a medication or scheduling a procedure, the team can immediately answer any questions. 

Have a Live Person Easily Accessible 

Few things are more frustrating than being stuck in a pre-recorded loop on the phone when all you want is talk to a human being. While this is an annoying situation regardless of the reason for calling, it is even more agitating when the question is related to health and time sensitivity. Perhaps the customer needs an update on test results. Maybe he or she needs to schedule an appointment or place a refill on a prescription. Whatever the request, it should be addressed quickly and efficiently.

If you have a pre recorded answering service, make it simple and uncomplicated. Ensure there is a clear direction for a caller to speak to a representative. If there is a wait, the recording should note the estimated wait time. Include a callback option so consumers do not have to stay on hold for a long time. Check the recording on a regular basis and update it accordingly. 

Request Feedback

One of the best ways to improve your team is by requesting feedback from your customers. After all, it is difficult to know what is working and what is not unless you ask! Setup processes to actively reach out for consumer feedback.

One of the most popular ways to do this is by requesting feedback immediately after a customer service phone call. Be sure the caller knows there is a survey once the call is complete, either by noting it on the recording or having the representative advise the caller once the request is resolved. Keep the survey brief. It should be no more than a few questions. Otherwise, you will lose the caller’s attention. 

Another way to request feedback is via email. Establish a process where an email is sent out each time a consumer calls customer service. An automated system is best as it ensures no one is missed. As with the phone survey, keep the questions few and concise, about three to five questions. Allow a space for customers to submit feedback in their own words. 

A great way to encourage consumers to take the survey is by offering a prize. For example, every quarter, put the names of customers who completed surveys in a bucket and draw one winner. If you sell goods, you can reward them with a free product. Otherwise, if you work in a setting that does not sell products, such as a hospital or doctor’s office, give a gift card as a prize. Just make sure it is a place everyone can use, like Amazon or Target. While you may love Starbucks or Pizza Hut, not everyone does. 

Every field in the healthcare industry needs an amazing customer service team. These three tips can help your team put their best foot forward and provide amazing customer support. Review your current processes to determine what changes need to be made to integrate these recommendations. 

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