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How To Develop A Telehealth App: All You Need To Know

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  • Here is all that you need to know to develop a telehealth app

Technology as a blessing has helped many people in different forms, and due to this reason, it has become easy to get everything starting from cabs, to foods, private tutors, and whatnot. Even medical services became available too in forms of online consultations, online health check-ups, etc. However, the medical services came into the picture couple of years back. It became possible only due to the decision to develop telehealth apps, and it has drawn massive attention from the clinics, hospitals, doctors, and most importantly, from the patients. Patients are the ones who have received tremendous benefits due to this step.

As per a survey-report by Market Watch, the US has received massive revenue of about $11.8 billion after the development of telemedicine and health apps. Initially, it was just limited to the patients and doctors, but after the pandemic hit, these apps’ importance became even more. Telehealth application is a platform that brings the healthcare professionals and the patients together through a digital environment so that the access to care becomes easy.

With such applications, it becomes easy for the patients to contact physicians irrespective of their location and time. Besides, the physicians will be able to treat and diagnose the patients, provide them consultations, and follow-ups whenever necessary.

Developing a telehealth application

When it comes to developing any telehealth applications, many things have to be kept in mind. Since the doctors, patients, entrepreneurs, and healthcare organizations would be accessing the apps; app development must be done in such a way so that everyone can access it without facing any problems.

Few factors have to be taken into consideration, such as secure access control, integrity, proper activity logs, audit controls, etc. When planning to develop a telehealth app, you should first find out the users who will access it.

Developing a patient dashboard

To develop a well-designed telehealth app, a patient dashboard is essential. It will include a patient profile having all the essential information like name, e-mail address, age, gender, phone number, current problems, medical history, etc. If necessary, the patient can change the information as per their health condition.

Next comes searching for a doctor, and all the information will do the job quickly. A patient will have to use filters like specialty, language, gender, etc. As per the situation, the patients will get a doctor. After that, the patients will have to opt for an appointment schedule, and using the application; they can schedule appointments.

You should also include an option for a chat so that the patients can directly contact the doctors regarding their problem, and the doctor can give an instant solution. Notifications regarding upcoming visits a few hours before the scheduled appointment are also necessary since it would work as a reminder.

Developing doctors’ dashboard

Like the patient’s dashboard, a doctors’ dashboard is also necessary to get all the details regarding the patients. Some of the essential features that doctors’ panel would have are doctors’ profiles, where they will create their profile. This would help the patients to check their backgrounds.

Appointment schedule management is yet another essential feature, which would assist the doctors in updating availabilities. Apart from that, they can also manage appointments through this feature. EMR is also necessary, and integration with such systems, doctors’ would be able to access real-time medical records and lab reports of the patient.

Digital prescription is yet another crucial feature, which every telehealth application must-have. Through the app, patients can purchase medicines with an order or even opt for lab tests. Video calls and messages are also important so that the doctor or the patient can contact each other if the condition is severe.

Besides, both doctors and patients can record the video call sessions so that it can work as a record or a solution to any dispute if necessary.

Developing lab technician dashboard

Lab technicians’ dashboard also plays a crucial role in telehealth app. They should be able to make a profile by inputting all the essential information such as certificates, background details, and the license. They must also be able to see the entire patient request list and update it on their calendar.

As per the requests, they will assign lab professionals to get the respective patients’ test samples. Finally, yet importantly, lab technicians should have a report sharing option through the app to both the doctor and patient.

Developing an admin dashboard

An admin should also have a dashboard so that it becomes easy for them to navigate through the app. They will be able to manage app users, remove and edit, and do all the necessary work. Apart from that, they can also access relevant documents and manage them whenever needed. The finances option will let the admin control the efficient money flow, which is also necessary.

Therefore, these are some of how a telehealth application can be developed, keeping in mind all the factors, features, and requirements.

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