3 Top and Most Recent Cycling Technologies

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Cycling technology is becoming more affordable and effective with time. Nowadays, the cycles are using high tech gadgets. In fact,it’s not surprising for bicycles to be entering into the digital world. Many fine-tuned cycle gadgets have been introduced in the last couple of years.

Whether you are a casual rider or a pro cyclist, having the right type of accessories can make a huge difference when cycling. The technological innovations are introduced to satisfy the demand and requirements of the cyclists on the road. From the helmet to the lighting system, a complete description of a list of the most innovative and recent technologies in cycling are given below.


Garmin Edge 1030 is a cycling GPS computer that displays the details about the speed, distance, route, etc. It has a large colored screen and measures 3.5 inches in size. Its battery timing last for almost 20 hours with GPS activated. With an optional Garmin Charge setting, it can last up to 40 hours on battery.

It also works in navigating the path of the cyclist. It helps the cyclist learn about any dangerous turns that are coming up, especially at night. Also, with smart connectivity, it has the ability to provide smart alerts and messages from other riders about the route or where they need to turn next if they fall behind the pack of riders.

Power Meter

A power meter is a tool that is crucial in the training of a cyclist. Especially important for enthusiasts, power meters serve the primary purpose of helping a rider to measure their power output when riding. While several types of power meters exist on the market today, the most common are crank-based or pedal-based meters. These are located on the bicycle and measure power output in watts. This allows a rider to effectively gauge their workout and figure out any imbalances with their riding style as well.

Power meters transmit data to the cycling computer which is often mounted on the handlebars. These computers can display a variety of information, including speed, power output, heart rate, and GPS data. For any serious cyclist, a power meter is a must-have cycling gadget.

Smart Helmet

A helmet is required for the safety of any cyclist. The use of a smart helmet is taking safety measures to the next level. Plus, many smart helmets also have GPS or other monitoring features built in as well. Additionally, many next-level helmets come equipped with lights that are quite visible to someone coming from any side, especially at night. Your movements become very vivid to other road users, improving your visibility and safety when riding.

Along with safety from other road users (cyclists and motorists), smart helmets can help the rider have clear visibility of the track or road while cycling. They provide you with the ability to clearly see the turns of the road. Some smart helmets even include wireless brake detection which further illuminate the rear lights on the helmet when the cyclist in braking. This provides additional exposure and improves overall safety as well.

These are some of the technological innovations in the world of cycling. They are making riding safer for cyclists when on public roadways, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. Although some of these cycling tech gadgets are a little expensive to buy, the amazing experience you can get from their use is unmatchable.

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