Top 3 Ways to Gain Muscle Mass Fast

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Let’s face it, everyone goes to the gym to gain muscle at some point in their life. Even if you’re currently cutting and trying to shred-up, you’ll want to pack on some pounds of wagyu-beef in the future.

Well, it sounds pretty easy right? Just drink protein shakes and train your *ss off in the gym? Many of you already know that it’s not as easy as this. Otherwise everyone would be walking around looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As a result, we’re going to tell you the top 3 ways to gain muscle mass fast. Check them out:

Choose The Right Supplements

We don’t intend on this article being one big sales pitch to get you to buy supplements, so don’t worry about that.

However, the right supplements really can help push you to your goals faster. That’s a fact.

Protein Powder and Natural Testosterone Booster

Most of you will already be drinking protein shakes, which is great; for many of us, it’s simply not economic or realistic to be eating tons of chicken breasts every day in 3 hour intervals. So a protein shake containing around 20-30g protein per serving is really going to help you consume enough protein to build muscle.

Also, a natural testosterone booster can help you gain muscle mass faster. If you’re stuck looking for an effective product, was a website that really helped us choose a product.

So why are T-Boosters important? Well, an increase in testosterone can help you build muscle, lose fat around your belly, and just help you feel more ‘alpha’. It will also boost your libido and generally improve your sex life too.

Anyway, natural test boosters help especially if you’re over 30 years old; did you know that a study showed that your T levels can begin declining by up to 1% when you reach the age of 30?

So, choosing the right protein powder and natural testosterone booster can really make the difference on your muscle building journey.

Progressive Overload

It should be pretty obvious that you have to push yourself in the gym to build muscle. You can’t just spend your life the same dumbbells for the same amount of reps and expecting to look ready to step onto the Mr. Olympia stage.

However, for the best results, we recommend going for ‘progressive overload’; this is basically where you keep increasing the weight (or reps) of your lifts to keep increasing the demands that your body has to deal with. In a nutshell, you’re keeping your body from getting comfortable and focusing it to grow.

So, either work hard to keep making your way up the weight rack, or try and perform more reps than before. There are loads of other ways to achieve progressive overload, but increasing the weight or pushing more reps per set is the easiest way to begin with.

Consume 1.6g Protein per kg Bodyweight

We mentioned that protein powders can help push you towards your goal. This is because your body needs a certain amount of protein per day in order for your muscles to grow – around 1.6g protein per kg bodyweight to be exact.

To put this into perspective, that’s 120g protein for a 75kg person. So, if you haven’t been eating enough protein, then you have the answer to why you’ve struggled to gain muscle mass fast.

Ultimately, 120g protein is going to require you to eat 3-4 chicken breasts per day and 1 protein shake. But this is definitely possible by following a clean diet and ditching the junk food – by eating clean, you’ll improve your chances of increasing lean muscle mass without gaining too much fat.


If you follow our 3 tips, then your muscle building journey will not only become easier, but you’ll actually make sure your hard work pays off. For example, if you weren’t eating enough protein before and still eating over your TDEE, then you would have been adding fat, without adding as much muscle mass as you could have been.

As a result, by choosing the right supplements, making sure you’re achieving progressive overload in the gym, and eating 1.6kg protein per kg bodyweight, you’ll be walking down the right path to success.

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