4 Terrible Injuries That Can Happen Because of a Motorcycle Accident

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  More than 8 million motorcycles are on the roads in the United States according to the data gathered by the Depart of Transportation. Motorcycle ownership increased by around 14% in the last decade. By 2025, it is forecasted that the US motorcycle market will be worth $10.88 billion. This substantial increase means more and more people are joining the ranks of riders and more will be at risk of motorcycle accidents. According to statistics by the U.S Depart of Transportation?s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, riding a motorcycle will put you at risk of getting injured while on the road nine times more than when driving a car. You are 37 times more likely to be in a fatal accident compared to an accident by a car. These numbers are the reason why DoT has put strict regulations on motorcycle drivers. As simple as wearing a helmet, approved by DoT, can reduce the risk of serious head injury by as much as 69% and death by 37%. Accidents are incidents that are unexpected and unintentional. A motorcycle accident often leaves riders with serious physical injuries, sometimes with long-term physical consequences. Here are some of the most common injuries. Traumatic Brain Injuries TBI or Traumatic brain injuries are one of the most common injuries sustained by a rider involved in a crash or accident. The effect of these injuries can vary, depending on the severity. It is capable of disrupting the normal function of the brain. For mild to moderate situations, the injured may experience confusion and disorientation as well as cognitive, physical and behavioral impairment. There is a risk that a severe traumatic brain injury may develop into a permanent health problem like loss of motor skills, difficulty with speech, memory loss, and mood alteration. In some severe cases, TBI can lead the motorcycle rider into a coma and eventually death. Road Rash One of the most common and seen as the mildest injury, sometimes, that can be sustained from a motorcycle accident. Road rash is usually a minor abrasion caused by impact and rubbing of skin against hard, rough, concrete surfaces. Road rash can be easily treated at home with a cleansing, antibacterial soap, ointment, and bandages. Road rash can develop into an infection if not properly cared for. Signs of infection include:

  • Increased Pain After A Day
  • Increased Size of Swelling
  • Increased Red and Discoloration
  • Wound is Hot to the Touch
  • Pus Has Developed
  • Fluid Are Draining From The Opening

Hematoma And Contusions

Motorcycle accidents often involve riders skidding across the road and hitting something hard, like a guard rail, car, or structure. The impact involved in this type of scenario leads to the development of hematoma and contusions. Both of these conditions are related to the injury sustained to blood vessels or circulation. The accident impact can lead to the rupture of blood vessels, and gradually form clotted blood (hematoma) and ruptured capillaries (contusion). The easiest sign to know you have these are a blemish, discolored bruised area. Bone Fracture The most frequent injury that results from a serious accident is bone fractures. Bone fracture often happens to the upper and lower extremities of the body. Not wearing a helmet though, can lead you to a facial fracture and is complicated and requires reconstructive surgery. In addition, there are different ways a bone can fracture. It can break clean or shatter to pieces. The latter makes the recovery and rehabilitation complicated. Depending on the severity, bone fracture can leave the injured with impaired movement such as walking straight, running or even taking the stairs.

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