5 Popular Non-Invasive And Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

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  The impact non-invasive and non-surgical cosmetic procedures like fillers, laser, and peels can have on one’s physical appearance is truly impressive. Whether it’s an injection of fat from one part of the body to another or using fillers to sculpt the nose, in recent years non-surgical procedures have become more in demand than ever before. Although the treatments mentioned above are certainly popular, we figure you probably already know much about them, so in this post we’re going to look at other non-invasive beauty procedures you may not have heard about yet. According to Dr.Kristina Zakhary, Rhinoplasty-Calgary.com surgeon, with all cosmetic procedures you first need do your due diligence before committing to anything – and don’t let yourself fall for any procedures just because of discounted rates. Always put your health before your wallet.

1. The Phi Principle

This non-invasive facelift procedure is derived from the Phi mathematical principle, which is to distance an object’s features in order to make it appear more beautiful. Phi procedure has actually been used for years and is considered the best approach towards achieving facial proportion, providing patients with a super symmetrical face. When you go to a Phi clinic, the formula is applied as the foundation of your facelift. The procedure simply focuses on specific facial regions that are injected with a Juvederm filler to lift the face naturally, without the need for surgery. The Phi procedure has been a proven success over the years and will leave your face looking young and rejuvenated.

2. Cryotherapy

This procedure to treat pain and increase the rate of recovery is particularly popular among athletes because it also provides aesthetic benefits like weight loss while simultaneously addressing conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and insomnia. Also a big hit among celebrities, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Daniel Craig are just some of the stars who have allegedly undergone the treatment. So how does it work? Well, Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) involves standing in an extremely cold tank (sub-zero temperatures) for 2-4 minutes. This stimulates the blood vessels, which constrict when the human body is exposed to wildly extreme temperatures. Once patients emerge from the tank and their body returns to room temperature, the skin is left with a discernible glow. Collagen synthesis, which reduces inflammation, is also stimulated by extreme cold, further improving the elasticity of skin. One reason why the procedure has become so popular is because of how manageable and exhilarating the experience is.

3. Mesotherapy

In mesotherapy, medications, amino acids, and vitamins are injected a few millimeters under the skin. This mixture deeply hydrates the tissue and softens the surface lines caused by dehydrated skin. The composition of the mixture injected under the skin depends on the specific problem the patient wishes to address. In general, it includes a combination of muscle relaxants, local anesthetic, vitamins, enzymes, hormones, plant extracts, hormone blockers and certain compounds to treat veins and reduce inflammation. Mesotherapy is not designed for removing sun spots or scarring; the objective is to lighten up the skin and make it firm. The results are subtle but effective. Mesotherapy can also be performed using mesotherapy radiofrequency equipment that combines radio frequency techniques and electrophoresis. This technique doesn’t require any injections, only aquaporin (AQP) to transmit nutrients under the skin. The needle-free RF mesotherapy is great for wrinkle removal and skin tightening. In operation, the device provides a pleasant sensation while a high pitch sound is produced because of the ultrasound cavitation.

4. CoolSculpting

This procedure, also known as cryolipolysis, was approved by the FDA in 2010 but only became popular a few years later after being rebranded as a non-invasive treatment. Marketed as an alternative to liposuction, it has since become a hot commodity. So how does it work? Cryolipolysis technology like CoolSculpting freezes extra fatty deposits found under the skin which are then churned and extracted from the body through a natural process. While fat loss is subtle with cryolipolysis techniques, the ultrasound and radio frequency techniques provide the added advantage of making skin tissue tight. The procedure is applied through round paddles that suction fat and skin like a vacuum. There is no pain, scarring or downtime. Although those who only have small pockets of fat will benefit from it, cryolipolysis is not a good substitute for exercise and a healthy diet.

5. Cellfina

Many humans have an obsession with buttocks, which is no doubt the reason why bum lifts are such a common procedure. One prominent individual, who inspired many women to go for bum lifts, is Kim Kardashian. Cellfina, who underwent this first non-surgical cellulite procedure to be approved by the FDA. Cellfina targets thigh dimples and the butt to reduce “orange peel” skin and bring about a smooth butt. Cellfina works to treat the structural cause of cellulite by breaking the bands of connective tissue that lead to puckering on the surface of the skin. This procedure takes 45 minutes to complete, and its effects can last up to 3 years.


If you are considering cosmetic surgery for aesthetic purposes, always take the time to think about your health and ensure you’re making the right decision. Always be sure to research the clinic and the doctor offering the procedure. Look for surgeons who provide free consultations, good aftercare procedure, and have high ethical standards.

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