5 Simple Tips For Living With a Hernia

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Medical experts will tell you that hernias do not go away on their own. Even so, there are times when physicians will not recommend surgery, at least not for the present. Depending on the severity of the hernia, it may be possible to go for years without any type of invasive procedure. When the answer to the question can hernia be treated without surgery is yes, these tips will help you manage the condition and remain relatively comfortable.

Hernia Belts and Trusses

Many people who are deemed to not need surgery for now will choose to wear hernia belts or trusses. These are especially helpful with hernias that are severe enough to cause some discomfort but are not to the point that your doctor believes surgery is necessary.

These support garments can often be worn over underwear and underneath outer clothing. Some of the designs do have a degree of bulk while others are almost impossible to detect. Assuming most of your clothing is not overly tight, no one may be aware that you are wearing a belt of truss.

Select Hernia Undergarments That Offer Support

You may also find that undergarments designed for people with hernias are a good idea. There are briefs that you can choose to wear under hernia belts or trusses that look very much like a standard pair of briefs. You can also find what is known as larger-coverage hernia underwear. Your doctor may indicate you can choose either option or suggest that the undergarment providing more coverage would be best.

With either option, the undergarments are made using materials that can be laundered with ease. That makes it easier to keep enough on hand to get through a week without having to constantly wash one or two pair. You?ll also find that the undergarments are relatively affordable as well as comfortable.

Take Proper Care of Your Skin

Since you now have your answer to the question of can hernia be treated without surgery, the focus shifts to taking proper care of yourself. Any type of device that?s designed to compress and contain a hernia can trigger a certain amount of skin irritation. While you can?t go without the garment or belt, you also don?t want to allow the skin to become rough, red, or itchy.

This is where using the right type of skin ointment or cream will come in handy. Your doctor can recommend products designed to prevent irritation and keep the skin properly moisturized. Depending on your skin type, it may be necessary to apply the product each morning before donning a fresh undergarment and belt, or using the product only when you notice the skin is getting a little dry will be enough.

Choose the Right Support For Specific Activities

Did you know there are hernia support devices suitable for a number of occasions? Along with basic devices that you can wear while going through a typical day, there are hernia belts and other forms of support that are designed for use when participating in any type of exercise or physical activity. You can find support that?s ideal for swimming, taking power walks, or even jogging. Consult with your physician first and determine if your type of hernia and the current condition would allow you to participate in these activities. If so, the next step will be to determine what devices would provide the support that you need.

Make Some Dietary Changes

Did you know that certain foods and beverages could increase your discomfort? Alternatively, there are foods and drinks that doctors recommend to patients suffering with hernias. It pays to know the difference.

If you have a hernia, consider avoiding beverages with caffeine, fried foods, and citrus fruits. You would also want to stay away from any kind of carbonated beverages.

You will find that foods like apples and bananas normally do not increase discomfort. Green beans, carrots, and peas are good sources of nutrients and fiber. Pair them with lean meats that are broiled or baked.

Can hernia be treated without surgery? The answer is yes in many cases. Work closely with your doctor to come up with a comprehensive plan for treatment and invest in the right type of supplies. You will find that your quality of life remains higher.

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