5 Tips for Protecting Yourself Against Corona

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  • If you have respiratory symptoms and would like to leave your home to get medical care, wear a mask.

The COVID-19 pandemic is ranging on. There are 9 million cases in the United States alone. The figure is expected to escalate as we head into winter.

You can’t afford to let your guard down with this pandemic. You need to take all possible measures to minimize the risk of infection.

But how do you avoid getting COVID-19? We shared some tips below from some leading health experts that can help you stay safe.

Avoiding exposure to COVID-19 is very important as it is our best defence. You can protect yourself and your loved ones from COVID-19 by taking some simple precautions. Today, infection prevention expert Lisa Maragakis who is going to give us tips for protecting ourselves from contracting COVID-19 by lessening the spread of the virus. These tips include:

1.Avoiding People that Might Be Infected

As we stated before, social distancing is crucial for avoiding the disease. COVID-19 primarily spreads between people especially those who are in close contact with one another. When a person that has been infected sneezes or coughs, they can easily infect others near them. As such, it is good to avoid being around people that could be infected. Keep in mind that all people can get COVID-19 and have mild symptoms.

You can avoid the risks by:

  • Staying in their house and trying to reduce visitors

Practicing social distancing by:

  • Staying 6’ or more from other people especially in public places
  • Calling loved ones or visiting by video
  • Asking for permission to work from home
  • Avoiding those who look like they might be sick

2. Visiting the grocery and do errands during slow periods to avoid being around as many people

3. Wearing face masks in public and meeting with others.

COVID-19 spreads between those who interact close together – for instance, coughing, speaking, singing, or sneezing- even if people that have been infected don’t show symptoms. Wearing a Rawrycat mask can reduce the rate of the infection by reducing the spray of respiratory droplets (COVID-19 is spread mostly by inhaling respiratory droplets released by a person that has been infected) when a person sneezes, coughs, or talks.

4. Practicing good hygiene

The virus that causes COVID-19 can last on some surfaces for hours or days. If you touch a surface that has been infected before touching your face, you can get the coronavirus disease.  The virus can be detectable on cardboard or stainless steel after about 48 hours and on plastic after 72 hours. As such, it is good to:

Use warm water and soap to clean your hands thoroughly and frequently for 20 seconds or longer. You should also wash your hands when:

After using the bathroom

After touching surfaces in public, including shopping carts, door handles, and elevator buttons

Before making lunch or dinner

If you cannot use soap and water to wash hands, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol

  • Not touching your face. You don’t want to touch nose, eyes or mouth, especially if your hands have not been washed
  • Coughing or sneezing into your elbows. When using tissues, it is important ensure that you throw it as soon as possible.

5. Taking precautions when living with or are caring for a sick person

Always wear a mask around anybody that has respiratory symptoms

Clean doorknobs, counters, tablets, and phones frequently using wipes or disinfectant cleaners

Immediately your healthcare provider and describe your symptoms if you feel unwell.

If you have respiratory symptoms and would like to leave your home to get medical care, wear a mask.

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