5 Top Healthcare Marketing Strategy Tips To Implement

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If your practice has a hard time attracting patients, then you might have to change up your healthcare marketing strategy. A private practice might be a business like any other on the surface, but in reality – it?s a sensitive niche with different rules.

Use these 5 healthcare marketing strategy tips to transform your healthcare business and be successful. Implement each tip carefully to attract more patients and better promote your treatments. It?s not enough just to exist in today?s healthcare industry. You have to rise above the competition.

Focus on location

For private practices, starting from a local level is key. Your center or facility first needs to establish a customer core from a local area. The card you have to play in this case is convenience. More than ever, people are searching ?near me? at the end of a medical service or medical niche.

To grow your business, you need to focus on location-specific keywords. Use calls-to-action throughout your website and urge people to use the information provided as a means to call you.

Present everything

It?s not enough to just speak to patients nowadays. Every bit of your marketing has to be centered around explaining and painting a detailed picture of a specific service or treatment. To improve your presentation, you have to focus on the smallest details.

If you’re handing out brochures to your patients, do so via the appropriate medium?a presentation folder that is uniquely printed for your practice. Be reassuring in your online descriptions and don?t complicate things. Patients feel better when they understand things and it?s your job to help them achieve this.

Create content

Remember when we said presentation is everything? While presenting is important, you need to do so in a continuous manner. The best way to achieve continuity is to post blogs on your website, mostly centered around medical news and treatments.

Be informative and don?t complicate things. There is no need for 5000-word medical studies about each service you offer.

A well-researched blog post is all that is needed to provide the basic information and with a persuasive call to action at the end. With this newly-acquired knowledge, patients are more likely to trust you because of the valuable, authoritative knowledge your are providing. Combine that with a good presentation with the right keywords and you?re on your way to success.

Have video tours of your facility

Okay, your practice is easy to find, has informative blog posts and a good presentation. That?s all great, but patients won?t be getting their treatments on their website. They want to know about your facilities, as they will be trusting you with their health and lives. If you have a premium clinic or facility, don?t hesitate to show it off.

Record a video tour with good lighting and focus on the equipment in particular. You should advertise the best aspects of your private practice.

Record patient testimonials

No matter how good your marketing is, you are still treating real people at the end of the day. It?s not easy to place trust in someone you?ve never met, right? Precisely.

To market your private practice and attract patients, start doing testimonials. Do not overlook the benefits of testimonials. Give satisfied clients a chance to share their experience. Make sure it?s a video testimonial.

Quotes and sound recordings are out of the question, as people deem them fake. You can also turn a testimonial into a mini-documentary about that patient?s treatment. Ask for their permission or even compensate them, if needed. Real people and real stories will attract more patients than any other marketing tool.


Need to boost your healthcare marketing strategy? Its effectiveness can be vastly improved with the help of these top tips worth trying.

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