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85 Year Old Surgeon Gets 3 Years Probation in Death of Patient Under Going Cosmetic Surgery

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You have to wonder about this case as yes it is unfortunate the woman died and the article states he had not performed surgery in over 5 years, so one has to ask, why now? Was this driven by economic times as an MD who needed the money? Is 85 too old to be performing surgeries? There were 3 other doctors affiliated with the surgical center who have had to surrender their medical licenses to include one doctor who operated on the same patient after Dr. Hansen finished. The patient died to to an accidental puncture behind her uterus and she was having cosmetic surgery in that area. One thing for sure when looking for plastic surgeons make sure they are board certified and ask for referrals, ask other doctors and just make sure you are at an accredited office with the surgeon who can perform the surgery so as not to get caught in a non accredited facility with questionable doctors. BD

Dr. Lawrence Hansen, an Orange County-based surgeon under investigation by the state medical board in connection with a patient’s death, has been placed on three years probation, according to court papers filed by the board last week. Maria Garcia, 39, a mother of five from San Fernando, died after Hansen performed a vaginal reconstruction on her at Hills Surgical Institute in Anaheim Hills on March 13, 2008, according to her medical records, which became part of the public record in a lawsuit filed by her family against her surgeons after her death.

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