Assessing The Health Benefits And Risks Of Physical Intimacy

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Intimacy is important to your long-term health. There are a number of documented health benefits of intimacy, including better sleep and a stronger immune system. A lack of intimacy, on the other hand, can lead to a number of health risks. These usually stem from stress, especially if it creates discord between you and your partner. Physical intimacy goes beyond sexual intercourse. It is about emotional connection. Intimacy can be characterized by romance, friendship, strong sexual connection, companionship, trust or love. Physical intimacy can be as important as verbal affection when it comes to building and maintaining a relationship. People view physical intimacy and certain types of physical intimacy differently. This type of intimacy is just like wine in that it takes time to deepen and mellow even in a marriage. It is a good idea to know how intimacy works in the context of a given relationship. A study by the University of Chicago found that 32% of couples have sexual intercourse two or three times a week, while 47% have intercourse a few times a month. The expectations obviously differ between partners. It is important for every couple to find what works best for them.

What Happens If A Relationship Lacks Intimacy?

The health risks of a lack of intimacy are clear. You should follow these tips to avoid them. Is sex crucial in relationships? Lack of intimacy in a marriage can lead to anger, trust issues, confusion and frustration in the marital relationship. Sex is very important in relationships. In fact, if a marriage has been sexless or when intimacy is lost, it can be difficult to rebuild the intimacy in the relationship. A man feels more confident when he satisfies his partner in bed. Women, on the other hand, don’t feel loved in a sexless marriage. Lack of physical intimacy or having less sex in a marriage can cause mood and anxiety disorders and even negatively affect your immunity. Avoid the lack of sex and find out the best male enhancement pills. Do you have intimacy issues in your marriage? If so, here are important tips to help improve physical intimacy in your marriage:

  1. Take Things Slow

It is good to know that all people are uncomfortable with physical intimacy especially grand romantic gestures like hugging in public and kissing in public. Some people may be uncomfortable with physical intimacy in marriage. As such, it is good to take things slow if your partner is not comfortable with physical intimacy.

  1. Be Romantic

Many people make a mistake of thinking that physical intimacy in marriage involves gestures such as kissing, hugging, and cuddling. What they don’t know is that physical intimacy is not all about kissing. It is about feeling comfortable and feeling emotionally connected with your partner. The best way to improve physical intimacy in your marriage is to jointly take part in activities like riding a motorcycle, going on carnival rides, watching movies in theatres, going on a walk and sitting next to each other at restaurants, not across the table. I know that these activities may not seem romantic at first but they are very important as they help you and your partner become comfortable with each other and boost affection in your marital relationship. It also improves the level of physical intimacy in your marriage. 3. Treasure Those Small Physical Signs Physical intimacy in marriage is not all about hugging in public whenever you meet or kisses. Small signs of physical affection or physical intimacy also matter when it comes to physical intimacy. Keep in mind that some people aren’t comfortable with things such as hugs or kisses. Small signs of physical intimacy include things like playing footsie under the table, holding hands in private or public and playful behaviour such as wrestling or tickling.

  1. Avoid Forcing Physical Intimacy

Some people think that forcing their partner into hugging or cuddling them can increase physical intimacy in their marriage. However, this is wrong as it can make your partner dislike physical intimacy. It is a good idea to know the boundaries and limits in your relationship. Always remember that you cannot force your partner to be intimate with you. The only thing you can do is to try as much as possible to increase physical intimacy in your relationship. Be patient and take things slowly. Also, remember that physical intimacy is not all about cuddling on the couch every night. Simple things such as holding hands with your partners, shopping together or sitting next to each other at a diner booth can be very romantic. Here are more tips to help you improve intimacy in your marriage: Intimacy in marriage needs deep, human interaction and you have to work on this to improve intimacy in your marriage. Turning electronic devices such as your cell phone or your television when you are with your partner to enable you to spend time with your partner will help improve both emotional intimacy and physical closeness in your marital relationship. Practice non-sexual touching in your marriage to improve your sex life. When you touch your partner from time to time, he or she will get used to being touched and will be comfortable with your touch. Avoid touching your partner only during sex. Non-sexual touches such as back rubs, stroking your partner’s hair, and holding each other’s hands can increase your affection for one another. Through touching each other regularly, you will be able to know more about each other’s body better and make it easy for you both to know each other’s erogenous zones. Incorporate hot sex games and sex toys into your bedroom. The psychological effect that introducing these things in your bedroom has is amazing. In addition, it will make your sex life better. How to Improve Physical Intimacy in Your Relationship When Sex Decreases Great sex is not the only way to have intimacy with your partner. Other activities such as reading a book together, walking together, exercising together, showing appreciation for small things such as buying groceries, recalling your first date, and cooking while grooving to music together. Avoid bad relationship habits such as belittling your partner or arm-wrestling. In case there is a power struggle, do not pull in the opposite direction. Intimacy is very important for every marriage. So, it is important to build physical intimacy in your marriage by being more open and tender with your partner. Doing this will help you increase sexual intimacy with your partner. Knowing about the different stages of physical intimacy and applying them will help improve intimacy in your marital relationship. Even though couples are unique, all relationships go through these stages of progression related to love and intimacy.

Intimacy is Important for Your Long-Term Health

Physical and emotional intimacy are both very important for your long-term health. You need to take all possible measures to improve intimacy in your relationship if it is missing. You and your partner will both be healthier for it.

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