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6 Simple And Healthy Daily Habits That Will Keep You Happy

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It’s not unusual in this time and age, for a modern person to feel overwhelmed, confused, and stressed. The modern pace of life pushes everyone to work relentlessly to achieve high ambitions and always be on top of things, so happiness often seems out of reach.

The only way to release that pressure is to take small steps toward change and be consistent. A tiny shift in perception combined with a persistent upkeep of a different lifestyle can make a huge difference. Without any drastic measures, joy and optimism can be a daily occurrence – just follow these tips.

Simple and Healthy Daily Habits that Will Keep You Feeling Happy

1. Gratitude is the attitude

Practicing gratitude every day is a sure way to start and finish your day on a high and positive note. The power of gratitude is that it shifts your focus from negative things in your life and things you lack, to appreciating the ones you do have. An easy way to start is by creating a gratitude list that includes the things and people in your life you’re grateful for. When you become grateful for that, you will be open for other things in life that can make you happy.

2. Don’t stop moving

One of the best motivators in life is to keep moving and do regular exercise. People generally feel better after physical exercise and science has proved that it’s because our endorphin level rises when we’re active so we naturally feel happier, healthier and fitter.

Being active doesn’t necessarily mean you have to join the gym immediately or start training for a marathon. It could simply be regular morning or evening walks, using the stairs and not the lift, going swimming or even doing some squats or sit-ups in your own home.

3. Indulge yourself

It’s easy to forget about your own needs in the hustle and bustle of daily life, but you should find time and make an effort to indulge yourself, too. Taking time for yourself will help you get centered and you’ll be able to slow down and relax more. Don’t see self-care as being selfish. On the contrary, it’s an investment into your wellbeing.

Simple and Healthy Daily Habits that Will Keep You Feeling Happy

Make it a weekly occurrence to treat yourself with something you love: a walk in nature, a spa treatment, chatting with your friends in a café or long bubble baths in the evening. Do things at your own pace and don’t feel ashamed if you need to ask for help sometimes. Let your parents or siblings lend a hand if you need it, ask a friend to watch your kids when you need a time out or hire a good catering service like Cateringproject to replace you in your daily job of a family chef. It will give you a chance for a break and help you face new challenges better.

4. Comparison is the road to perdition

One sure way towards personal happiness is simply being yourself. It’s very easy to get sucked into social media race for perfection and by comparing yourself to the images you see there, you’ll only put yourself down. Facebook and Instagram images are filtered and only show the beautified version of people’s lives. You need to stay unique in your own way and stop making comparisons. Only then can your self-esteem grow and you can focus on building your own version of happiness.

There will always be somebody who’s better, prettier or more successful so you’ll never be satisfied if you keep comparing and judging. Break that bad habit and keep dancing to your own tune. The ones that count will be dancing right by your side.

5. Be mindful

By living in the past, you’ll fuel your sadness and depression and by obsessing about future, your anxiety will grow. The only way to be truly happy is by living in the present moment. When you fully immerse yourself in the present, you can enjoy what is right at hand: the laughter of your children, the conversations with your parents, the jokes of your friends or the shared intimacy with your partner.

Simple and Healthy Daily Habits that Will Keep You Feeling Happy


Only the present moment can give you peace and appreciation of what is here and now, and by being mindful and fully focused, you’ll be able to slow down, lower your tension and enjoy the precious little things in life.

6. Spend time outside

Sunlight, fresh air, and greenery are nature’s best remedies that will immediately boost your mood and overall health. Just 10 minutes outside can increase your serotonin levels and help you feel more relaxed and calm. Make it a regular item in your daily schedule to spend time outside and reap the benefits of nature and its healing powers!

Simple and Healthy Daily Habits that Will Keep You Feeling Happy


One step at a time and these practices will develop into healthy daily habits that will have a positive impact on your mind, body, and soul, making you feel happier and more content.

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