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Worried About Teen Births? Read Our Paper

Amanda Glassman - May 11, 2012

Despite declines in average fertility rates worldwide, an estimated 14 to 16 million children are born to women aged 15 to 19 each year. Over half of…

Global Healthcare

Making Priority-Setting a Priority for Global Health

Amanda Glassman - April 23, 2012

 This is a joint post with Kate McQueston.  This is a joint post with Kate McQueston.This week the World Health Organization made dementia a priority, while Jim…

Global Healthcare

G-8: What is the Connection Between Smallholder Farming, Agricultural Productivity and Nutrition?

Amanda Glassman - April 18, 2012

By Amanda Glassman -For some time now, the food security movement has been stating that improving the agricultural productivity of smallholder farmers improves nutritional status. Last week’s…

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Healthization of Development

Amanda Glassman - March 29, 2012

 The U.S. nominee to the World Bank presidency is attracting criticism from those worried about the “healthization” of the development field.  In Bloomberg, my colleague Arvind Subramanian…

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What Happened to Health at the G-8?

Amanda Glassman - March 22, 2012

   For many years, the G8 was a great place for global health.  In 2010, the G8 committed to US$ 5 billion for maternal, newborn and child…

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GHI 2013 and the Rise of Multilateralism

Amanda Glassman - February 16, 2012

 This is a joint post with Denizhan Duran.  This is a joint post with Denizhan Duran. The President’s budget request for 2013 is out: total money spent…

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Why a Banker is Good for the Global Fund

Amanda Glassman - January 31, 2012

For a long time, the Global Fund focused on disbursing money, and disbursing as quickly as possible. The philosophy was something like: move the money and the…

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Aid Cuts to Middle-Income Countries Worsen Global Poverty and Ill-Health

Amanda Glassman - January 10, 2012

By Amanda Glassman -This is a joint post with Andy Sumner, and it originally appeared on The Guardian’s Poverty Matters Blog. What do the EU, the Global…

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“Stunning Progress” but OOPs! in Afghanistan

Amanda Glassman - December 23, 2011

Today NPR reports on the “stunning progress” made on health in Afghanistan. A USAID-funded survey conducted in 2010 –excluding parts of the high conflict South Zone- finds…

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Global Health: Separating the Good from the Bad on HPV

Amanda Glassman - December 8, 2011

   This week AP reports that former U.S. President George Bush has launched the Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon project in Zambia. The project will expand the availability of…