Best Prototyping Tools for Health IT UI Designers

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  • Healthcare IT developers need to follow the right protocols to develop reliable apps and tools

Creating a user-interface (UI) is no easy task as it includes several levels of complexities and understanding of a user mindset in terms of expectations and requirements for an online presence that might be as per the likeability of the audience. Therefore, designing interfaces, especially for an organization like a hospital, clinic, medical platform, etc., that require connecting with several grieved or in-angst patients every second is a next-level task altogether.

A prototyping tool tends to become a UI designer’s best friend in such work challenges. It can be particularly important for developing apps for the healthcare sector. The tools are used to give an idea of the processing you might witness after its real-world application. It’s an essential tool in every UI/UX designer’s arsenal, and if you don’t already have one, you need to find one the most suited for your requirements and expertise!

Finding the best ones for UI Designers specializing in the Health Industry

Building a website or an app requires a lot of effort, time, and of course funds from the side of the designers as well as the asset-owner and app usage stats clearly state that only one out of several thousand seems to make a mark in the viewer?s mindset. A prototyping tool helps keep designers, developers, and app owners on the same page in terms of end-result understanding, scope, and context of the development task at hand. In simple terms, these software platforms give them a clear picture of the upcoming asset. Designers may even include technology inclusions like application and facts about AI, big data collection, query insertion, etc., through these tools instantly.

There are several prototyping tools in the market with varied feature-sets that might be perfect for the task of developing a medical-industry-related digital asset. Here is a list of software that we think would end up doing the best of the job:

1.  InVision Studio

InVision Studio can help designers put across a realistic picture of their upcoming app in a matter of a few minutes. With several product tools like Prototype, Craft, Inspect, and Freehand in its kitty, the platform is a dynamic powerhouse of some of the most efficient designer-friendly tools, especially for app development.

InVision Studio allows interface and user-experience developers to play with the varied cross-platform developments, objects, their looks,  properties as well as their functionalities in a manner that is the most suitable to their exact requirements. The platform has been the favorite prototype development and testing platform for several top-of-the-line brands, including Netflix, Amazon, IBM, Sephora, to name a few. Released in 2011, the app UI design platform is renowned for introducing new functionalities that help designers instantly visualize how their apps will look and feel at the time of deployment. The tool effectively helps businesses drive their sales by conceptualizing and developing user experiences for successful outcomes.

2.  Adobe XD

Adobe XD is one of the most promising software options to create website and app mockups. With features that enable the viewer to get a realistic feel of the digital asset being developed, the platform is the perfect tool for designers to create a praise-worthy wireframe, animate, prototype, collaborate, and more.

As the software platform is also available in the form of an Android app and iOS app, they let a viewer see the feature and functionality placements as well as their workings in a real-smartphone size screen. Moreover, Adobe XD has been helping businesses turn their website and app ideas into stunning realities with functionalities like enabling team-work in real-time, innovative design options, and quality sketch wireframes;

3.  Sketch

Sketch is one of the most famously and effectively used software tools used by digital designers to create wireframes with intuitive user experiences. As Sketch is a vector-based tool, all its design objects are completely scalable in terms of look and feel as per the requirements of the designers and the app and website owners. With more than 1 million subscribers and brands like Google, Facebook, Porsche, Xbox as its valued customers, the platform has been helping businesses to develop intuitive interface designs and their prototypes. The only issue with the software tool is that it is only available for the Mac OS platform, and Android developers have to look for effective alternatives.

4., including other Mobile app designs, is to get users to take action like buying a product, playing another game, or sending a message. helps designers integrate objects and functionalities within prototypes and wireframes as per what they exactly want and help them design their architecture and workflow to persuade them to take that action. The software tool includes several interactive and customizable native User Interface items from OS like iOS, Material Design, Windows, customizable templates and patterns, animated icons, and music library, amongst others. The designers can simply and easily drag & drop anything from buttons, menus, inputs, sliders, etc., to include the object and its functionality.

5.  Figma

Figma is one of the most futuristic designs, prototypes, and wireframe tools on the online market as of now. With its functionalities like Vector Networks, design clocks, watch screens, advanced font features, etc., the platform enables businesses to communicate their mission and vision to their intended clients. It is the perfect tool for iterating and reiterating website and app designs with options like button resize, lists, etc., with automated stretch-to-fill, padding, direction, and spacing settings options. It is one of the most efficient tools to develop high-level UX designs with easy-to-work plugins for everything.


Health IT is required to cater to a varied clientele that generally expects a very interactive and engaging user experience. As a designer for the same, first and foremost you should be clear about what you wish to create, and the above-stated list of software tools will then help you to design and prototype speedily. These ideas can be especially useful if you are developing telehealth apps. These ideas can be developed and redesigned for perfection through these tools only. Website and app development tends to become very easy with their utilization.

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