CBD: The Difference Between Full Spectrum And Isolate

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  CBD has gained popularity in recent years, as users use it to treat all kinds of ailments and conditions. CBD can be consumed in a number of ways, ranging from topical use to oral consumption and even vaping. There are two main forms of CBD. These are CBD isolate and CBD full-spectrum. There are two main difference between the two, which we will discuss in this article. Full-spectrum is more popular, for good reasons, but CBD isolate has some benefits that some users are looking for. The increased popularity of CBD has led users to raise questions about this life-saving discovery and the most frequently asked question is CBD full-spectrum vs isolate which provides the most effective range of medical benefits for consumers? Continue reading this article and get all the answers you seek. Full-spectrum CBD vs isolate CBD full-spectrum is made with an extract that contains 99% of the compounds present in cannabis plant including CBD, obviously. Others include, CBC, CBN, CBG, flavonoids, terpenes, to mention just a few. CBD full-spectrum uses the whole plant and contains a minute amount of THC (about 0.3% or less) and other cannabinoids that might enhance the overall effect of CBD on the body. On the other hand, isolate contains only CBD. CBD companies achieve this by isolating CBD from cannabis extract, but rumors has it that some companies are on the verge of making it artificially. CBD isolate is a THC-free alternative that contains zero amount of cannabinoids which makes it an amazing choice for athletes who want to avoid the smallest trace of THC in case of testing. Advantages and disadvantages of CBD full-spectrum and isolate CBD full-spectrum and isolate have their pros and cons; Isolate CBD is popular among people who take less dose of CBD regularly and are subject to random drug test. Some may think CBD isolate is better than full-spectrum because full-spectrum contains THC. Now let’s be clear; CBD full-spectrum products are made with hemp extract, which has extremely low, I repeat, extremely low THC concentrations (0.3 or below). So don’t jump to conclusions just yet as these concentrations are very minute and cannot induce a psychoactive effect. However, these minute traces may show up on drug test. Also, for individuals who take huge doses of CBD often, should be mindful of its THC effects too. On the other hand, Isolate CBD can be made 100% THC-free, which can be reassuring to athletes who might be subject to dope tests. Now, where does that leave CBD full-spectrum? Well, because it contains all the compounds found in cannabis plant, CBD full-spectrum is believed to have better therapeutic benefits than CBD isolate. This has all to do with the entourage effect. The entourage effect The entourage effect is a theory which states that cannabis compounds can synergize in the body, to produce unique effects. Some sources argue the validation of this effect; However, there have been countless research that shows that cannabis’ distinct effects don’t just come from individual compounds contained in it, but also by the way those compounds interact in the body. For example, studies suggest that CBD in cannabis may counteract some of the side effects of THC, like anxiety. CBD can block some cannabinoid receptors, thereby blocking the effect of THC, which binds directly to these receptors. A well-known cannabinoid researcher, called Ethan Russo, documented the entourage effect in time past. In an interview, Ethan mentioned that as small as 5mg of pure THC can cause psychosis-like behaviors in some people. But when taken together with CBD, people can take doses as high as 48mg without these side effects. Research also shows that CBD full-spectrum products offer better relief from some symptoms than CBD isolate products. In Jerusalem, at the Lautenberg Center for General Tumor Immunology. CBD full-spectrum and CBD isolate were compared in the treatment of pain and inflammation and full-spectrum CBD came out on-top in all aspects of the research. Final thoughts If you’re looking to buy CBD and want to harness the full health benefits of the cannabis plant, we strongly recommend full-spectrum products. But it is strictly opinionated as there is no straight answer to which is more beneficial, even if CBD isolate contains more CBD, on the other hand, the lack of terpenes and cannabis compounds makes CBD full-spectrum more beneficial in some people’s book. So, take the time and find out for yourself which one is best for you.

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