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Discover the Mental Health Benefits of a Minimalist Phone

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  • A minimalist smartphone can help considerably if you are trying to deal with mental and physical health issues.

Mental health issues are becoming a lot more concerning these days. Around 26% of American adults are diagnosed with a mental health problem, but the real figure is likely a lot higher.

A lot of factors cause mental health issues. You may not realize that even your smartphone could be triggering anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.

You will want to consider the benefits of switching to a new smartphone to improve your physical and mental health. One option might be to buy a minimalist smartphone.

A Minimalist Smartphone Could Go a Long Way Towards Improving Your Life

Do you prefer to enjoy life in the real world rather than in a virtual one? Are you tired of the constant beeping of the smartphone and feel like being controlled by your mobile device? Many of us would like to have more peace. The solution is simple – change your smartphone to a minimalist phone and experience silence after a long time of distracting noise.

There could be other benefits as well. You might find yourself less addicted to your phone, which can be a promising thing since technology addiction has become a lot more common.

How common smartphones influence our mood?

You may not be aware of it yet, but being surrounded by modern technology can make you feel really tired. Nowadays, you use your mobile phone to handle many things: 

  • communicating using standard phone features (calling, sending text messages) and apps like, Skype, Teams, Slack, Messenger, etc.,
  • working using business solutions in the cloud,
  • entertaining yourself with social media networks, online magazines, and other websites,
  • dealing with banking, booking, shopping, etc.,
  • playing games,
  • managing your IoT devices.

Many things (apps, websites, devices) communicate with your smartphone, right? You receive emails, calls, information about updates, notifications from mobile applications, and ads all the time. Tiring, isn’t it? 

Now, most of us carry our smartphones by our sides the whole day. It is on the desk when you work, lies on the coffee table while you try to relax after a long time in the office, hides in your bag or your pocket during lunch breaks, walks, holidays… You get messages from applications all day long. So, you feel even more and more tired and distracted by the constant beeping. 

Problems with concentration? Feeling exhausted even though you did not do much during the day? This is because you were online the whole day, checking your smartphone every half an hour. This creates a problem known as smartphone fatigue.

How can a minimalist phone improve your life?

It is not so popular now, but more people every day are giving up their smartphones and switching to a minimalist phone. There are just a few producers that design and sell minimalist mobile devices. The holistic philosophy is adopted in many fields – medicine, business, private lives to help people achieve a higher quality of life. Thus, new niches have developed on the market. Companies like Mudita learned how using smartphones affects people and thought about a solution – a phone that will serve its original purpose and have a little impact on human health and stress level. 

So, what makes minimalist phones special? All features that were not essential for a mobile phone were removed from it and only those necessary remained. There are some interesting models on the market you can choose from, but they are all similar in one aspect – they offer only the most important functionalities, so you would not be distracted by virtual reality. 

In general, minimalist phones enable users to make calls, send text messages, or set an alarm clock – all those features that the initial phones possessed. It is important also to mention phone sizes – some of the minimalist phones are the size of a credit card. Compared to modern smartphones, they are really small, but this is the benefit. It can be easily put in a pocket or a small bag. They often have traditional buttons, so you can switch modes, cancel calls or turn off the alarm without even looking at it.

What additional features can a minimalist phone have?

“So how are minimalist phones different from all old mobile phones that our parents used?” – you may ask. It starts with design – you will admire the subdued colours and simple shapes of your new phone. But it is not only about how it looks. 

Many of those phones leverage technologies that make using them better for end-users health and comfort. E-ink solutions – also referred to as electronic paper – have been popularized by Kindle eBook readers. Reading information presented this way is better for your eyes – it does not hurt them with strong, unnatural light usually emitted by smartphones. Some companies also work on technologies that reduce electromagnetic radiation. 

The truth is that these devices also have some applications that are not a necessity, but those are usually such programs that help users to relax fully and focus on themselves. Some minimalist phones allow you to connect with hotspots, some also come with music or yoga applications.

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