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With over 850,000 users DocCheck is Europe’s largest internet community for healthcare professionals (HCP). DocCheck offers its services for HCPs in six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch. This multilingual approach makes DocCheck a real European community and allows physicians, pharmacists and other professionals to get into touch beyond borders.

DocCheck provides a wide range of content and services related to healthcare: – A login protected community, a kind of facebook for physicians, a great place to medwork, where physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals socialize, build networks and share knowledge in the DocCheck Community. Every user creates his own profile and can be found by old colleagues and friends.

The main feature of the DocCheck Community is the discussions with colleagues section. You can discuss in groups or via private messages. In our service Ask a colleague , doctors and physicians help each other with diagnostic questions and medical topics. You can ask your fellow physicians for advice in complicated cases and unclear diagnoses – or you can even help them out of them!

DocCheck Pictures  is the medical image archive of DocCheck. The archive contains more than 10,000 digital photos, 3d pictures, animations and graphics.  The user can store, organize and share his images and photos online. The user can comment on his pictures. By clicking on a picture the user can add a description text or even a professional question for other HCPs (e.g. differential diagnosis, therapy options, 2nd opinion). The questions can then be discussed by colleagues and experts. Cases which are particularly interesting, instructional or disputable will in addition be published within the DocCheck Newsletter, a banner or forwarded by email within our medical community.

– With more than 250,000 subscribers across the world, the DocCheck News  has the farthest reach in medical circles in Europe. The International Newsletter is published in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

DocCheck Jobs  is the healthcare job board for physicians, pharmacists and other medical professionals. With our comfortable job search, users can easily filter suitable offers by profession, speciality and position.

DocCheck Shop  is one of the largest online shops for medical supplies and equipment. With the DocCheck climate protection project, we actively commit ourselves to climate protection. We only use materials which are nearly 100% recyclable. We ship climate neutral. For each shipment, a global amount is invested in the reforestation of ecologic secondary mixed woodlands.

– The DocCheck Flexikon  (= flexible lexikon, i.e. a Wikipedia for HCPs) is an open medical encyclopaedia, which is expanded and maintained mainly by its users. Everyone can participate and share his knowledge online. It aims mainly to reach physicians, veterinarians, dentists, pharmacists and students of these disciplines as well as anybody who is interested.

We are now starting this summer to take off with an English version. So every HCP is invited to contribute to it!

– Furthermore, the DocCheck Password grants access to doctors-only areas of more than 2,500 medical websites.

This year, we have started looking beyond the rim of our European teacup and initiated a partnership with a partner from India.  Our goal is to continue our success story and to give Indian HCPs access to services which their European colleagues love using since years.




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