Empowering Patients with Transactional Tools

August 29, 2017

NCR got its start in banking, but healthcare is benefiting from their success as hospitals respond to the needs of ePatients and empower them to do more for themselves. It is about satisfying customers with self-service and convenience and survey findings indicate consumers are most interested in the following:

  • Booking an appointment online (54%)
  • Securely receiving lab results online (54%)
  • Seeing and managing personal health information on the Internet (43%)
  • Receiving a text message notification if an appointment becomes available at short notice (32%)
  • Paying outstanding balances online or via a mobile phone (31%)

Another study titled Mobile and Social Gain Ground in Wellness and Disease Management found that when mobile and social programs are available or offered by their employer or health plan, 44% of consumers had taken part. Lastly, technology’s like Intel’s Health Guide offers consumers a touch-screen home monitoring device that helps patients measure vital signs, respond to questions specific to their condition and enables videoconferencing so clinicians can assess patients for signs and symptoms suggesting deterioration in their condition. Where do I sign up?