Health Care Conferences This Fall

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Friendship Pins No 89 David HarlowYour faithful HealthBlawger will be out and about at a number of conferences and events this fa

Friendship Pins No 89 David HarlowYour faithful HealthBlawger will be out and about at a number of conferences and events this fall, speaking, moderating . . . and immoderately disrupting.

I hope to see you at one or more of these. See descriptions below for links to registration.

Keep an eye out for “Friendship Pins” — my jacket from The Walking Gallery, pictured here — and I will be in or near it.

If you are organizing a conference a little further down the road, please consider including me as a keynote speaker or otherwise. We should talk.

Here’s the rundown:

HIMSS Privacy & Security Forum

September 8-9, 2014, Boston, MA

I’ll be one of the general session speakers: Keeping Your Edge: Managing Social Media While Protecting Privacy & Security.

Health 2.0 2014 8th Annual Fall Conference

September 21-24, 2014 Santa Clara, CA

I’ll be moderating a panel called Free the Data: Tools for Consumer Access and Ownership, including some classic Health 2.0 demos. Grab a seat early. Viva Data Liberacion!

Connected Health Symposium

October 23-24, 2014, Boston, MA

This year, I’ll be a panelist at the annual connected health confab: Policy Regulations, Regulatory Issues and Barriers.

HealthCamp Boston 2014

November 3, 2014, Cambridge, MA

Once again, I am (dis)organizing a health innovation unconference with a merry band of co-conspirators. Join us!

Health and Hospital Law: MCLE Basics Plus

November 12-13, 2014, Boston, MA

This will be my umpteenth year speaking as part of this program. First interested soul to ask gets a free pass to the two-day conference.

I look forward to seeing folks at all of these conferences. Please say hello.

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