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mHealth“….. “mobile health“…….. what is it exactly?  And how does it give patients access to better care?

I like Dr. Ruchi Dass’s definition of mobile health:


mHealth“….. “mobile health“…….. what is it exactly?  And how does it give patients access to better care?

I like Dr. Ruchi Dass’s definition of mobile health:

“Mobile health is not about healthcare and mobile phones; I think that’s a misconception.  It’s healthcare that is available anytime, anywhere, wherever you need it, whenever you need it. It’s healthcare that can be accessed by whatever you have, be it your mobile phone, be it your television, your radio, or your iPod.  That’s the kind of healthcare that we are talking about.”

So mHealth, for me at least, is healthcare that you can access where and when you want it.  And this field is exploding.  I went to the mHealth Summit last year in Washington DC and was overwhelmed with all the lectures, discussion groups, exhibitors, and conversations.  I will certainly attend again this year and I am ready to be even more overwhelmed!

There are so many avenues to pursue, and so many ways of connecting patients to care.  Which ones are working?  And why?

HealthWorks Collective is interested in pursuing this and will host a live webinar next Wednesday, May 23rd at 1pm to explore this topic.

We have 3 excellent distinguished panelists that will give a short presentation, and then answer questions from the audience:

Dr. Marc Mitchell is the Founder and President of D-tree International.  He is a pediatrition and management specialist who has worked in over 40 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America on the design and delivery of healthcare services using mobile technology.  Marc has designed mobile apps for pregnant women in Zanzibar to teach them about pre-natal care and the options of giving birth in a hospital providing specialized care.  He has also worked with local caregivers in Tanzania to bring basic healthcare to those in rural environments.

Dr. Alex Blau is the Medical Director at Doximity.  Alex has been working in mHealth since he was a senior medical student and founded MediBabble, an iPhone-based medical language interpretation tool now in use by over 15,000 healthcare professionals.  Doximity is a leading social networking site for physicians.  Their mobile application, iRounds was just launched and already has doctors sharing cases, research and technologies all in a private, secure, HIPAA-compliant environment.

Dr. Herb Rogove is President and CEO of C3O Telemedicine, a multispecialty virtual practice  that solves the problem of quick and affordable access to specialists in Tele-ICU, Tele-Neurology/Neurocritical Care and Tele-Psychiatry. Herb’s experience and relationships have led him to be considered nationally as one of the pioneer providers of telemedicine, and he speaks regularly at national telemedicine conferences. He was just elected to the Advisory Board of the American Telemedicine Association, the leading international resource and advocate promoting the use of advanced remote medical technologies.

And our esteemed moderator, Brian McGowan, PhD is a research scientist who has worked as a medical educator, mentor, accredited provider and commercial supporter.

Please join us for this exciting and very worthwhile webinar!

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