How Much Should You Invest In Personal Wellness?

James Wilson
August 17, 2018
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Our personal wellness is one of the greatest investments we can make. No, this goes way beyond just the amount of money you might spend on groceries or a gym membership, but rather the amount of time you dedicate to making yourself a better you. And with how fast our lifestyles can move, it can be difficult to really take the time to assess what’s going to help us be better. If you ask anyone that works on career or personal counseling, they’ll tell you one of the keys to being successful is looking at what success is, why that definition is important to you, and how you’ll get there. Yet, for most of us, that involves a lot more than just money, a job, or even where we vacation, but the relationships we build and the health we keep. Yes, personal wellness is no joke, which is why I’m going to give you a few tips on investing in it. Check them out below:

It Starts With Your Goals

Personal wellness is more than just your health, but your entire well-being (hence the word ‘wellness’). Truthfully, this boils down to balance, something that you inherently desire within yourself. For example, some people may be gym rats but have a terrible time being in touch with their personal or spiritual side, versus some folks have a great sense of mental self, but lack the physical activity to keep their balance going. All in all, to start deciphering what your goals are, your first going to have to look at how you’re living now and what needs to be improved. The first step is breaking things down into attainable goals. After all, everyone’s heard of someone that wants to look like so-and-so athlete or movie character but doesn’t understand the inner-workings of it. Truthfully, most of us won’t become Bill Gates or Tom Brady tomorrow, but we can start becoming better versions of ourselves. And whether come in the form of being better with money or getting in amazing shape, it’s ultimately up to you what you make daily, weekly, or even monthly goals. According to StatisticBrain, 67% of people with gym memberships never use them…67%! These people are essentially paying for the luxury of saying they’re a member but never actually going. Why is this the case? Because like our example above, people have goals that they can’t stick with, which is why it’s imperative to stick with whatever you’re aiming towards one day at a time.

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How To Stick With It

When it comes to investing in our wellness goals, it boils down to habits, some of which you might follow already. An excellent example of this is with eating healthy. In a survey by Goldman Sachs, 24% of millennials believe eating right is a top priority. More, as noted by the USDA, organic food sales have grown over time, it appears that eating healthy is becoming more of a norm, which can make it possibly easier on you. However, even with trends gearing that way, the overarching goal of personal wellness serves multiple facets. The simplest way to stick to a plan is by writing down what your goals are every day, just as long as they’re balanced out. Think about it like this: everyone has to eat, so you might as well eat healthily, but not everyone has an hour or two to spend at the gym, so how do you work out and maintain your weight? While there are multiple solutions out there, try a few and see things feel. This is about being able to check off your list that you made your best effort at it with what you had. Doing anything else might disturb the other things you’re aiming towards, which can leave you worse off than when you started.

Moving Forward

As you work towards your goals, remember a couple of things. First, no one is perfect so you might slip up once in awhile. Second, keeping a balance is your friend. And finally, don’t be afraid to mix it up with new experiences. Whether it’s abandoning lifting in exchange for parkour or even just trying to get more fiber in your diet, it’s okay to be fluid. Just remember that no matter what you try, make attainable goals out of it. Heck, turn it into a game, as this is supposed to be entertaining for you. In the end, this whole thing is about you and ensuring that you’re at your best. I’m not saying you’re going to be the model version of yourself you picture in your head, but every day you can aim to be there. And if you don’t, so be it. You’re already off to being much better than where you were. So, what’s stopping you from taking that first step?