How Physicians Utilize Digital Media for Patient Interaction: Infographic

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Infographic highlights how physicians utilize digital media for patient interaction and professional purposes research

Infographic highlights how physicians utilize digital media for patient interaction and professional purposes research

Physicians are increasingly relying on digital devices such as smart phones and tablets to access critical healthcare information and increase their productivity. According to Manhattan Research, four out of five physicians will use smart phones by the end of 2012. Taking the Pulse® U.S. 2012 is Manhattan Research’s annual market research study and syndicated advisory service focused on how U.S. physicians use the Internet, digital media, mobile devices and other technologies for professional purposes and patient interaction. The study is fielded annually in Q1 among more than 3,000 physicians. Manhattan Research partnered with inVentiv Health to provide the visualization of their data to create the infographic shown below.

Key topics/trends addressed in the study include:

  • Multiscreen behavior throughout the workday
  • Breakdown of smartphone and tablet types (such as iPads,Androids, Galaxy Tab, and more)
  • Mobile media, including live video, QR codes, and augmented reality
  • Mobile apps and websites, including pharma mobile apps
  • Smartphones and tablets at the point of care
  • Professional channel mix (such as conferences, CME, colleagues, journals), including online vs. offline use
  • Online professional sources (such as search engines, pharma websites, HCP portals, Wikipedia)
  • Physician social networking and social media adoption
  • Online communication with patients
  • Online video
  • Physician pain points
  • Electronic health records (EHR) and electronic prescribing (e-prescribing)
  • Email newsletters
How Physicians Utilize Digital Media for Patient Interaction Infographic

Source: Manhattan Ressearch

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