How to Stay Healthy While Working in the Healthcare Industry

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The idea of staying healthy while working in the healthcare industry seems like it would be easy; after all, it would be a classic case of “practice what you preach”. Today’s medical professionals, however, are finding that their recommendations of staying healthy cannot always be taught by example, as many are faced with long hours and stressful conditions that lead to unhealthy lifestyles.

With national obesity rates climbing and growing concern for the health of our future generations, fitness and wellness has become a hot topic around the dinner table and in the doctor’s office. For those that are administering care, it is vitally important to set a good example for patients but maintaining a healthy lifestyle while earning a degree in healthcare or working in the field is another story.

Here are some tips for staying healthy while working in the healthcare industry:

  1. Choose to study at an institution where health and wellness is a priority. Many medical schools are seeing the benefits of integrating a wellness program into the curriculum to encourage students to find balance and make this a priority.
  2. Make fitness and wellness a part of your practice by getting certified. After 4+ years of medical school and intense studying, interning, and receiving Board certification, the last thing that many health professionals want to think about is more studying and testing. But by adding a certification for side practices like health coaching, nutritional counseling, or even as a fitness instructor or personal trainer, you can help patients, clients, and yourself maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Choose to work at an organization with a wellness policy that is part of the employee benefits. Some of the best places to work have on-site gyms, wellness sessions, gym membership reimbursements, and more to help employees keep their health at the top of their priority list.
  4. Start a workplace initiative to make health a priority at your organization. Sometimes an employee needs to step up and integrate practices of health into the culture of the organization. This can be done on a small scale – organizing midday walks or participating in National Employee Wellness Month  – or on a large scale – starting a new company-wide fitness initiatve.
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