How To Address Neck and Back Pain

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Pains in the neck and back are a fairly common occurrence and caused by some common conditions. Small changes in the anatomy of the back and spine can cause back and neck pain. These could be caused by herniation of the lumbar region or degenerative conditions in this region. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction and osteoarthritis can also cause pain and discomfort.

Disc herniation is a condition when the gel-like cushioning between the spinal discs ruptures and begins leaking outward. This leaves the nerve roots unprotected and very sore. The result can be a stabbing pain that ripples down the back and the legs.  Continued wear and tear of these discs can lead to a degenerative disc condition. This can cause considerable pain in the lower back.

Osteoarthritis is a condition where the facets of the spine begin to wear away. This causes friction that can begin to affect the nerves below. When this condition occurs in the sacroiliac joint mobility can be exaggerated or greatly restricted. Either way the result can be mild to severe back pain.

One of the major reasons for neck pains is muscle strain in the area. This can be caused by sleeping in an awkward position or suffering whiplash or other postural complaints. Other common conditions that lead to neck pain can include cervical osteoarthritis, cervical degenerative disease and the herniated discs.

Back and neck pain can be mildly irritating to severely debilitating. If you have been experiencing a measure of discomfort in your back and pain that persists for more than a few days, don’t pass it off. These pains have a tendency to get much worse if they are not addressed quickly. Visit a skilled physical rehabilitation specialist or physical therapist in your local area to get some much-needed relief.

Relief for Back Pain and Neck Pain

Physical therapy is one of the various treatment plans that addresses pains in the lumbar and cervical regions. For head and neck pain help you will want to seek physical therapy. The goals of physical therapy to relieve this pain include:

Improved range of motion in the back and neck – through the various practices of flexibility exercises, physical therapy helps to move and function easier.

Reduces tension, strain and pain in the back and neck – these areas can experience a lot of tension and pressure that will be addressed through passive physical treatments.

Strengthening in the neck and back area – By carefully developed exercises muscle systems can be targeted with precision, this will build strength to provide balanced support to your skeletal structure and weight efficiently.

Plan to avoid neck and back pain in the future – learn about ways to apply your body mechanics and things to avoid pain and injury in the future.

Improved Quality of Life – through physical therapy your motion and postures will be more efficiently balanced. This will lead to more energy, less strains and even better bodily functions.

There are two categories of physical therapy: the active and passive treatments. Passive treatments include those that work to reduce pain and inflammation and stiffness. Some of the commons methods include ice packs, electrotherapy, ultrasounds, topical creams, massage therapy and heat therapy.

The active treatments include those that engage the muscles through exercise and strengthening the muscles. This helps to increase the mobility and flexibility of muscles. Increased muscle strength means that tension will be released from the spine.

How Back Pain and Neck Pain Are Diagnosed

If you are experiencing pain in the back or neck, your doctor can perform a physical examination. It may even be necessary to order X-Rays or MRIs. These will provide a better view of what is happening beneath the superficial muscle systems and can show what is causing the back and neck pain.

Back and neck pain are an especially debilitating condition that can have long reaching effects. Some of the risks of back and neck pain include weight gain, nerve damage and depression. If you have been suffering from neck and back pain, this is the time to take action.

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