How To Protect Patient Health Data With Security Testing

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The year of 2019 has certainly been a roller coaster ride for cyber security experts. Cyberattacks have been over the news since the beginning of this year which makes it a concern for all businesses. Most of the cyber threats are associated with the healthcare industry. The major reasons for these vulnerabilities are personalization and social engineering. These trends allow malicious hackers to gain access to crucial information.

When people use their official accounts to access personal accounts, there can be an accidental data exposure or hackers can get into the individual’s workplace network. In addition, hackers are expected to use phishing as a more advanced hacking approach. Scammers tune their emails and messages with a user’s information available from ad preferences and social media platforms. It is also important to remember that hackers access social security numbers and credit details of the victims. This is why firms should consider hiring a cyber security testing company and secure their businesses.

Hackers Aim at Accessing Personal Information

Cyber security awareness month is observed each October. Healthcare organizations are in danger due to these increased threats. Apart from software attacks, hackers also aim at targeting the human factor. If the providers fail at defending themselves they won’t be able to allocate resources for planning and mitigating threats.

So the first step to avoiding patient data breaches should be eliminating the known threats and system vulnerabilities. Test automation is a better solution to ensure that a provider’s infrastructure is secure. It has the ability to handle the basics, identifying the bottlenecks in different components of a system and integration of loopholes between apps.

Automation of Cyber Security Tests:

Security testing experts can divide all tasks for testing automation into functional, non-functional, application as well as infrastructure security scanning. Also, the testing teams can define the success criteria to ensure that issues are addressed efficiently.

One of the best solutions suggests that each app assigned for test automation can be divided into functions. This approach helps app test coverage and helps in identifying vulnerabilities more effectively. Security testing experts working for a cyber security testing company can range the identified vulnerabilities according to the severity and plan the fixes accordingly. Whether it needs a single upgrade or requires multiple patches.


If hackers attack healthcare data it can affect the healthcare services a great deal. The best practices of care delivery keep evolving, so health IT systems support flexible updates and upgrades. Thus, security testing should be an ongoing process that can enhance the app quality and improve security. Healthcare providers need to hire the right cyber security testing company to ensure secure healthcare data. There are different tools used to ensure testing is carried out and changes have been implemented without any breach. Data breaches are a norm in this era, so to bolster security firms are taking all precautionary steps that they possibly can.

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