The Irony of Workplace Wellness

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The cycle: 




The cycle: 


1. Work and the workplace environment causes STRESS.
2. WORKPLACE STRESS is one of the leading causes of WEIGHT GAIN.
3. WEIGHT GAIN is responsible for up to 90% of PREVENTABLE ILLNESSES. 
4. Companies are now spending an extra $270 billion each year on PREVENTABLE ILLNESSES.
  • $270 billion is about the same as the GDP of Finland and is greater than the GDP of 145 nations.
5. Workers must then work more, causing more stress to pay for the increase in healthcare cost caused by STRESS.
  • The Insanity Irony: We have sacrificed our health for higher productivity and greater competitiveness, which comes at the price of greater healthcare costs resulting in less competitiveness because healthcare costs cut into profits.

photo:Davor Ratkovic/shutterstock

mmmm….not sure about this, but it did make me giggle.


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