Latest Technology in Dental Practices

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With changing times we are witnessing some great technological advancement in every sector. Advanced technology has forayed into dentistry through new machines. For example, the use of DVD glasses and iPhone apps are purposed to improve the standards of safety and care and to ensure that patients feel comfortable when undergoing any treatment. Apart from these two, dental technology has experienced many more developments. We are going to talk about them in details in the following: DVD Glasses – many suffer from anxiety while undergoing a dental treatment. DVD glasses help these patients to pay no heed to their nervousness. The patients can watch films and feel more comfortable while a treatment is going on. While many dental practices offer a wide range of DVDs to select from, some also request patients to bring their own choice. Are you a nervous and anxious patient during a dental treatment? Make sure that the dental clinic you visit provides patients with such an effective dental fright- preventer. Nucalm – it’s a new treatment and it’s revolutionary. Patients with dental phobia can reap ample benefits from it. A non-invasive method, Nucalm helps the body to relax by inducing a state of calmness, very much like the first stage of sleep. The Nucalm treatment takes place in three stages. At the first stage, the patient is given tablets to chew. The tablets are called GABA tablets that have been formulated to neutralize the effects of the discharge of adrenaline. Often, the release of adrenaline roots a rush of anxiety in patients who suffer from dental phobia. In the second stage, microcurrent stimulation patches are placed behind each ear of the patient. The waves revive the receptors in the brain to respond to the GABA tablets and also stimulate a soothing response from the body. In the third and the final stage, the patient wears black out glasses and earphones designed with special listening software that alters the waves in the brain for a calm state of mind. iPhone apps – the iPhone is a must-have accessory for most tech-savvy people. Many iPhone apps are available and you can use them for any purpose. iPhone apps are now being used in dental practices in a massive way. They have proven to be versatile for the dentists who are using this technology to advertise their dental practices and provide their patients with easier ways of contacting them. Also, patients are finding it extremely beneficial to get acquainted with the new dental treatments and to know about the practice with the use of maps and route planners. There is cut-throat competition among the dental clinics. Dentists are constantly searching for new techniques for expanding their clientele. In such situation, iPhone apps have emerged as a boon for them. Truly, iPhone apps are a powerful marketing tool. Dental problems are quite high amongst young people due to several reasons. This group of population is highly enthusiastic about iPhone. Making utmost use of the iPhone trend will work out as a smart method for the dentists to target new clients as well as spreading awareness regarding the importance of good oral health. Velscope – Velscope is a high-end device which helps dentists detect the signs of oral cancer at the earliest stage. It releases a blue light into the mouth to determine healthy and unhealthy tissue. A bright green glow is the sign of a healthy issue while a darker and duller glow is the indication of an unhealthy tissue. Oral cancer is very common, especially among the chain smokers. In majority cases, people are diagnosed with this disease at an advanced stage. As a result, survival rates are low. With the help of Velscope, dentists can be aware of the early signs of oral cancer and can maximize the chances of survival. This instrument is safe and it enables easier and speedier examination. If you suffer from dental phobia and reading this piece, you can have peace of mind that while undergoing this procedure, you will experience no pain or uneasiness. Cerec – This advanced technology helps dentists to devise and manufacture dental restorations on site. Cerec is used to make veneers and crows. There is not just one but many benefits of Cerec. It minimizes time involved in a dental treatment, lowers costs for both the patients and dentists and also reduces the amount of time that an anaesthetic agent has to give to a patient. So, how does Cerec works? The technology uses digital camera images. At first, the dentist takes a digital photograph of the patient’s tooth with a special camera. The photograph is transformed into a computerized 3D model of the tooth which is used as a pattern for the restoration. The on-site manufacturing machine starts working to produce the new restoration after they receive the information.

CEREC gives dental practices that invest in the latest technology like Vibrant Dentistry a technological and competitive edge over their competitors.

iTero – A technology helpful for both dentists and patients, iTero is an effective substitute of producing dental impressions with the use of dental putty. Patients no longer have to feel uncomfortable having dental putty in their mouth as they can find an effective and perfectly fit restoration. On the other hand, dentists can count on the enhanced quality of the restoration. Thanks to iTero! iTero is a scanner which creates clear images of the mouth within a few seconds. It is placed inside the mouth, the images are taken and then, sent to the technicians to create the new restoration. Introduced in the United States, iTero is gaining fast popularity in other countries because it gives high quality at reduced time and lower costs.

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