Live A Better & Healthier Life By Solving Your DNA Puzzle!

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World is becoming a wonder place. If any human of past got another life to live in this new age world, he would not be able to recognize the world. He would be lost in the challenges of new age. Research and technology especially in the field of medical made a progress at a whole new level. Because once Malaria was considered as a life taking disease but now it’s a normal disease with easy, cheap and accessible cure. Research and technology does not only work on what could possibly be done for future but also on how could we take the information and results of past to make our present and future better. Identification of DNA, a major breakthrough in medical field: DNA’s structure was identified in 1950’s. It was a major breakthrough in the field of medical. In the past DNA test was just a forensic activity which helps to find out one’s genetic identity and to find out whether two people are in a same blood relation. These tests were so much expensive that common people could not afford it. And it was used in a very delicate matters to find the real truth like in criminal cases to find whether two suspects are related through blood or not. But now due to improvement in technology, DNA test brings more than that information. . This basic building block is the basis of everything, your behaviors, angers, preferences, pleasure, pain, complexion, habit’s you name it and this small building block defines us as separate individual beings. Family history is not a mystery anymore Now DNA test is not only used to find the real blood relations but this technology is now collaborating with anthropology and genealogy studies for finding people’s grounds, finding their bio geographical ancestors. In the past, family history remained mystery, but now you can get a whole information about your ancestry in the most easy and convenient way. Moreover, through DNA we are now able to prevent from diseases which are running in one’s family from many decades. To understand this let’s try and understand with an example two siblings, one is allergic to peanuts the other is not. How come this is possible, this does not make sense. We are most similar to our siblings. How To? Here comes in DNA testing. This way you can pay a small amount without the tension of extensive studies and fancy degrees, you will be able to understand the family history. The things that you never understood about your family behaviors, the anomalies in one sibling from the other that baffled, you will now be available as open books to you. Apart from this, DNA testing can help you in preventing debilitating sicknesses that you never knew about. DNA testing and profiling provides you information on recessive and active genes in your cell structure which may cause you problems later on in terms of sicknesses that may afflict you or your off spring. You can avoid all such sicknesses and illnesses if you know about them and can take preventive measures or therapies beforehand. What to do? For DNA testing, you don’t have to go through a long, hectic and complex processes. Although it is one of the easiest tests to do. It takes less than a minute to get your sample for test done. The whole test is done by just the sample of your cheek swab. And the best part is that it is pain free. To make it more easy, most companies who do these tests, provide online services. All you have to do this is to order online. They will send you sample kit. Then you have to send back sample. They will provide you result in a particular time period.

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