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Minnesota Makes Public Exchange Prototypes

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Posted in CorporateHealthcare Policy & The MediaKnowledge & Medicine

Posted in CorporateHealthcare Policy & The MediaKnowledge & Medicine

Are the citizens of Minnesota ready to take a look at prototype models for healthcare exchanges? The marketplace stimuli as part of reform are being unveiled today. Although it may seem early for such exposure, MN must demonstrate that it can operate an exchange as part of reform much sooner — just over a year from now, in fact. Four companies have placed demo modules up for public review. Playing around with a couple of them, I get the feel of sites that are actually consumer portals into products that resemble reservation services, only instead of purchasing a flight or hotel accomodations, I am choosing a provider which can treat certain chronic conditions more cheaply, for instance, in one organization in comparison another based upon my personal situation.

States participating in this exercise which are not able to fully integrate these virtual exchanges at the outset of reform will get fed assists. Minnesota seems ahead of the curve here, as the governor has taken a seemingly personal role in getting this state’s offerings public and implementing diligent task-force support to the process early.

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