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Smart Vending Machines Use Facial Recognition

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This is an interesting machine and watch the video here. This is just the start of things to come with facial recognition and how long before vending machines tell if imageimageyour BMI is over the edge and won’t serve you:) You don’t think that’s coming, well guess again. I don’t know if cigarette machines still exist or not since I have not seen one around in years but that would be a beneficial use if I could think of one.

The treats are from Jello but when looking at the menu in the video it doesn’t appear that the samples are straight Jello and may have higher sugar contents. This kind of imagereminds me of something from the past to where teenagers would wait outside a liquor store and hope they could bribe an adult into making a purchase for them as that’s what would occur here as well if these machines become main place in society.

The poor kids that try it though, look at the message, not really kind at all. Is this another “attack of the killer algorithms” that discriminate? If any of you thought I was kidding with my 7 part series, here’s more proof that they have “teeth” and do exist. BD

Intel and Kraft have partnered to launch smart vending machines, called iSample. The machines contain an optical sensor that that can recognize and scan a human face. The software in the machines uses data from the facial scan and computer algorithms to determine the age of the person standing at the machine.

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