Neuromarketing Company Gives Back to Science

August 29, 2017

  The company, NeuroFocus has also partnered with the Nielsen group so they can read your mind and see what will appeal for advertising. Yup it’s going to get a bit dicier out there. If you want to see how successful your social marketing is, it appears it can do that too. Let’s outfit member of Congress you think? I might guess a lot of folks might like that idea! In addition to predicting our behaviors relative to advertising, the company now states with wireless capabilities there’s more room here to give back to science and medicine to create better qualities of life for many. Medical use can reduce costs and has implications for clinical and commercial applications of EEGs. The wireless capabilities of blue tooth certainly gets rid of all the wires we all probably know pretty well. The full press release can be read here. There’s no need for any type of gel to be used. Neurological testing labs across the US will be trying it out soon.