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New Guide Explains Hospitalist Role

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Next Step in Care, a campaign by the United Hospital Fund has published a useful guide explaining the role of the hospitalist.

In most hospitals, there are now special doctors called “hospitalists.” They manage patient care during the hospitalization. This is a job that used to be done by doctors with offices in the community. Today doctors in the community may not even know that their patients are in the hospital.

It is important for you as a family caregiver to know about hospitalists, and the services they do and do not provide. It is also important for you to know ways to ensure the best care for your family member, both in the hospital and after discharge. 
This guide provides information about hospitalists, along with actions you can take and good questions to ask. But remember that this guide is general – each hospital has its own way of providing patient care. 

Courtesy: Next Step in Care

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