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Obama to Sign Executive Order Addressing Shortages of Medicines

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Posted in CorporatePharma & Devices

Posted in CorporatePharma & Devices

The president will issue an executive order today requiring the FDA to act on potential drug shortages in the pharma marketplace. Previously, drug companies were only required to notify the agency if a preparation was to be discontinued. Any other notification would be completely voluntary on the part of the manufacturer. The executive branch action is only the latest manoeuver[1] by this administration to “get tough” in the way of roadblocks initiated by the GOP in the legislature to nix his jobs bill en toto.

Most preparations affected are used in the acute setting: electrolyte mixtures, chemotherapeutics, and anesthetics. The FDA reported over 170 instances of shortages in 2010, with an increase projected for this year. President Obama also expressed his support for legislation that would require streamlining the notification process; pharma companies would have to notify the FDA of shortages six months in advance. All of this is good news for patients, who stand to benefit the most from timely intervention in acute medical treatments. | LINK

  1. In the past week, Obama has issued orders creating relief for “underwater” homeowners and current college students with high tuition debt.

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