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Patients are Gaining Access to International Medicine Thanks to Big Data

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Big data is on the rise in healthcare. The average US hospital now generates 655 terabytes of data every single year. Add in every healthcare facility in the country and you have incredible amounts of data appearing.

Patients are seeing rapid changes in healthcare, even if they don’t know that many of them are driven by big data.  This guide is going to show you why medicine is becoming international due to big data.

Big Data is No Longer Exclusive

Big data once was something only huge hospitals and care facilities could take advantage of. But things have changed over the years.

It’s widely accessible to even the smallest plastic surgery clinic. Healthcare facilities across the world can take advantage of this data, and its traditional domestic healthcare facilities that are losing patients to international alternatives.

This is especially the case in the US as the healthcare system is currently dogged by major problems of accessibility and cost.

It’s sent even middle-class patients looking to refined, high-quality international healthcare systems in exotic destinations across the world.

A Diversifying of Healthcare Opportunities

Did you know that only 25% of cancer patients actually get better using modern treatments in US hospitals?

It just goes to show that a lack of big data in many healthcare systems is causing people to not get the treatment they need.

Whether a healthcare system offers excellent care has nothing to do with the wealth of a country. Americans regularly travel to places like Mexico, Costa Rica, Poland, and Thailand for treatment since they offer better quality care systems.

And big data is only widening the gap between international medical systems and traditional home markets.

Get a Truly Individual Care Plan

Better care models are a natural result of big data. Right now, the average person might only get ten minutes with their physician, which is not enough time to really understand the person’s condition.

Big data finally offers a truly individual care plan. It’s a level of care you’re only likely to get abroad due to more efficient healthcare systems and far more capacity.

These models have enabled patients to choose the best destination for them, through predictive healthcare modeling, and get the healthcare plan they need.

Reducing Costs Increasing Accessibility

Going abroad for healthcare was previously supposed to be for the rich. But costs have come down as international clinics can justify their costs through predictive healthcare modeling and being able to accurately determine what each patient needs.

There’s little need for communication with a home healthcare system any longer. That’s one of the reasons why cosmetic surgery abroad has become so popular.

Today it’s easy to find that medical tourism is a phenomenon that has grown all over the world. You can find breast implants in Thailand, dental implants in Costa Rica, and abdominoplasties in India.

Last Word – Is it Only Big Data?

Big data is a driving force in the world of healthcare. But it would be wrong to assume that this is the only reason why US citizens are increasingly looking abroad for five-star healthcare.

The reality is that healthcare has changed because developing nations have managed to increase standards without increasing costs. The domestic care system, on the other hand, has stagnated and has only become more inaccessible over the years.

So where is big data likely to go next?

As healthcare facilities become better at analyzing data and coming to increasingly more proficient conclusions, care is only going to get even better.

To what extent do you believe big data has changed healthcare systems internationally?

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