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Can Artificial Intelligence Diagnose Illnesses Better Than Other Methods?

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Artificial intelligence is growing immensely. The main reason technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, or big data are used widely is because they have the potential to transform every sector of world. The use of AI is not restricted to only corporates or laboratories, in fact, it is used in fields like agriculture, sports, education etc. In fact, the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare has grown massively has well. Healthcare is undoubtedly one of those fields which require technological innovations that help in the improvement and betterment of the sector. And, AI has surely done its bit.

Artificial intelligence is definitely disrupting the way businesses function. The main focus area of AI is to revolutionize the way the healthcare industry creates value for the patient. The healthcare field just has to realize how AI is helping them boost the quality of care that they offer in many ways.

AI in the field of healthcare

The main aim of the companies who wanted to come up with the latest artificial intelligence based healthcare tools is to transform the way patients nowadays interact with a doctor. This can only be done with the development of a superb artificial intelligence based care provider, in the form of a chatbot.

One of the big healthcare institutes has already done it, and the name of the group is Babylon Health. The recently raised around $50 million in the year 2017 in order to diagnose diseases with the help of an artificial intelligence powered chatbot on the mobile phone. During this period, a lot of other companies also showed their interest in AI chatbots. Babylon Health has did a superb job by making an effort to develop an ‘AI doctor.’ It surely seemed to be a very flourishing development.

Whether it is powering up the self-driving cars, to immense advancements in the healthcare space, AI is used in various ways in the healthcare space. But, the most prominent of the uses is in the space of diagnosis. If we specifically talk about the technology behind all the advancements related to diagnosis in the healthcare field, deep learning has to be given credit. Deep learning is an impressive technique which basically learns from a set of intricate examples and understand the various forms of data.

Why is AI important in the field of healthcare?

  • It is important to leverage the capabilities of healthcare artificial intelligence to boost the speed, accuracy as well as the efficiency of diagnostics.
  • AI is being used for the early detection of various illnesses
  • AI is making it possible to perform medical experiments a lot more economical
  • Also, experts are implementing deep learning techniques in order to teach algorithm determine conditions in images, like scans

All about AI based diagnosis

Artificial intelligence is literally surrounding humans in our everyday experience. However, now even the medical researchers can leverage artificial intelligence to make the healthcare industry better. How? Simply by creating innovative solutions in the field of diagnosis.

Time is one of the most critical elements of treatment. If a disease is diagnosed early, and the treatment is initiated on time, then the chances of recovery are somewhat increased. For example, if we specifically talk about a heart patient or a terminally ill patient, even a few minutes of delay can be hazardous. However, as healthcare professionals are forced to spend so much time with paperwork, they hardly get the time to spend with the patient to even diagnose anything early. Therefore, AI is needed to not only automate the diagnosis but to also help the care providers provide better care. As, AI based solutions also enable doctors to spend less time on papers and more with the patient.

Artificial Intelligence based diagnostics solutions save lives. They help to offer fast diagnosis of heart issues, lung diseases and a few other illnesses as well. However, these systems are also saving a lot of time and money of the healthcare professionals and institutes. Optellum, a firm working to commercialize Artificial Intelligence based solution to diagnose lung cancer is expected to reduce the costs by almost $13.5 billion.

Can AI interpret cardiac diseases better?

The time has come when an AI powered robot will pick up your emergency call, and could detect a cardiac arrest more accurately. An AI company, Corti, has developed a system to carefully listen an emergency call in real-time. By identifying the patterns of communication, it may detect a cardiac arrest. Though, the technology is still being tested, but it seems that the company might soon start developing more such tools as the world might need them. This is one of the most revolutionary ways of diagnosing any cardiac arrest, or any disease for that matter. Their solution will function like a personal assistant and will ask some valid questions. Based on the responses, it can even summon an ambulance.

Example of AI in diagnosis

Google’s Artificial intelligence based, diabetic eye illness is an example of receiving a report written by a machine, but experience if the care seeker of visiting a clinic is not changed. The AI system is programmed to identify drippy, fragile blood vessels which are basically present at the backside of an eye. These are the result of diabetes. Artificial Intelligence has already started dealing with the real patients in a plenty of clinics as well. This is for the cases where an equipment is needed for the diagnosis.

There is one of the other way as well, where an equipment is not required in the case of diagnosis. Here, the AI based solution will be more radical. Some of the healthcare scientists are developing cutting-edge technology, which helps the clinicians to diagnose without necessarily using an equipment.


With the massive commercialization of AI and ML, even the healthcare industry as well as the life sciences fields realized that they have found a new way to reform the way how diagnoses and treatment of illnesses happen. One of the reports suggested that healthcare market for AI is expected to touch the $6.6 billion by the year 2021. It is also believed that clinical aid through Artificial Intelligence is surely going to solidify the medical imaging diagnosis processes. At the same time, with the help of AI based tools, care delivery will be enhanced. But, the most fruitful of all the features is the improvement in the field of diagnosis. As, it is directly connected with betterment of the treatment process.

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