Person-Centered HealthCare; BeClose Home Monitoring System Helps Keep Track of the Elderly

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BeClose is a home monitoring system that lets you check in on your loved one’s daily routine to see that all is OK.  Wireless sensors, alert buttons and a private secure web page helps track daily routines and alerts you by phone, text or email when there are any disruptions.  No need for broadband, as the entire system is wireless.  Just put the sensors in place and plug in the base station.  An EMT-certified call center can even dispatch responders in case of an emergency.

The Base Station listens to all sensors and just plugs into the wall.  A back-up battery assures operation for one day if there is a power outage.

Motion Sensors detect motion or activity (pet-friendly since they will not pick up motion from pets under 40 lbs) and can be used to detect periods of inactivity which could signal a problem.

Door Sensors detect the opening of any door or window, cabinet, closet or refrigeratior and can detect comings and goings.

Bed Sensors can be placed under bed, chairs, couch and can track sleep and wakefullness. 

BeClose Buttons are large alert buttons that can be placed anywhere in the house and can alert you or others in case of emergency.

Toilet Sensor can be placed under the mat near the toilet, allowing monitoring of bathroom activity.

Wireless Water Sensor can detect leaks in the water line or can tell if a bathtub is overflowing, for example.

Emergency Button is worn as a pendent or as a wrist bracelet and when pressed, will send an alert.

All communication is wireless and included in a monthly fee.

The BeClose Dashboard shows a snapshot of daily activities and allows family members or cargivers to notice changes in routine.


And alerts can be sent via email, text or phone call for any disruption to the daily routine.


Following are a couple of testimonials from users of the BeClose System:

” We’ve been using BeClose, along with a daily check-in from a visiting nurse, for about a year. We’re so grateful for the way it’s made accommodating my aunt’s needs to be looked after and preference not to be intruded upon possible.”

“BeClose has really alleviated my worries. I have it set to alert me when there isn’t any movement in the house for two hours. If I know she’s out shopping and I get an alert, it’s fine. But otherwise, I contact her immediately, or ask a neighbor to check in.”

“With BeClose I can continue to live in my apartment on my own. That’s what I want. And I do feel safer knowing the kids are connected to me and ready to help should I need it.”

For a bit more information, watch the video!

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