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More Pharmacy Software Vendors are Linking to the eHealth Record System

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The World is Radically Transformed by Digital Technology

The world today is transformed radically by digital technology. Tablets, smart phones and web-enabled devices transformed people?s lives and the way they communicate. Medicine is an information-rich industry. A more seamless and bigger flow of information within the digital health care infrastructure, built by electronic health records, leverages and encompasses digital progress and could transform how care is delivered and compensated. With EHRs, information would become available wherever, whenever. Among the many healthcare software these days, the eHealth record system of Australia is one of the most popular. Today, more and more pharmacy software vendors are liking to the eHealth record system. The Australian Digital health Agency struck agreements with community pharmacy software vendors to connect to the My Health Record system. These vendors include Minfos, Dispense Works, Dispense, RxOne, Z Dispense and ScriptPRO and would integrate support for the eHealth record system. Connecting to the My Health Record enables pharmacists to contribute as well as access health information and medical software programs for the community.

Connecting to the Medical Practice Software

Connecting the software of the pharmacy vendor to the My Health Record would enable mediation dispense records to be seamlessly added to the My Health Record of the patient at the time of dispensing. Also, pharmacists would also spend less time in chasing up clinical information and would have access to My Health Record, being part of their regular dispending process and workflow. The health ministers of the states and territories in Australia endorsed a national eHealth strategy by ADHA. By the year 2022, there would be digitally enabled options that are paper-free for all medication management in Australia. With the eHealth record system, people would be able to request their medications online. Furthermore, all pharmacists and prescribers would have access to electronic prescribing and dispensing, boosting the safety of the hospital computer software programs and systems.

Improve the Management of Medications

The ADHA will work to enhance medications management for healthcare consumers a as well as healthcare providers through publishing and co-producing a national digital medicines management blueprint. This would include the development of specifications, infrastructure, legislation and change, policies, adoption and training activities for clinicians. Moreover, the agency would help in developing proposals by scoping implementation trials needed to let the services needed to support the adoption of end-to-end digital medicines by the pharmacist workforce.

The Advantages of E-health Record System

The advantages of the system

in the clinical scenario are important and numerous. The use of electronic health record system provides clinical advantages, such as the following:

  • Easier access to clinical data
  • No bulky paper records to store, manage and to retrieve
  • Ability of establishing and maintaining effective clinical workflows
  • Lesser medical errors, enhanced patient safety and robust support for clinical decision-making
  • Ability of gathering and analyzing patient data, which enables outreach to discreet populations
  • Easier participation in the meaningful use of other quality programs, with electronic prompts that ensure that the data needed is recorded at point of care
  • The chance to seamlessly interact with affiliated clinics, hospitals, labs and pharmacies

Electronic health records concentrate on the overall health of the patient. Basically, the electronic health record is just a copy of the records of a patient. The difference is that all of the records are in one place. The records include improved quality, more patient-centered care, greater efficiency, cost savings and convenience.

Paving the Way via Innovation

Despite the satisfaction levels among people who have to use them the most, the eHealth record system is here to stay. After all, the healthcare industry is a booming market for a good reason. Although EHR?s still are working towards interoperability, clinical imaging has plunged forward with VNA or vendor neutral archive technology. The VNA systems archive clinical images in a vendor neutral format, provide access to all clinical images and imaging workflow throughout the organization from the HER. The VNA technology delivers the promised data ownership, that?s the foundation of interoperability. Patient information should be more accessible in more dynamic ways for supporting new care models. Taking into consideration all the advantages of the electronic health records, and the fast growing electronic interconnectedness of the health care field, their development and eventual ubiquity in the industry is inevitable. Ensuring records integrity is another plus factor of the health care system. Using the electronic health records, transfer of complete records from one provider to another or from facility to facility will occur electronically. This also means that the records will not get delayed or even get lost when patients change providers or when providers make referrals.

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