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Promoting Safety Can Actually Help Your Medical Practice Retain Patients

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A medical practice takes a lot to be successful as anyone running one knows. There are a multitude of factors that impact new patients coming in and patients returning time after time. The quality of care is usually the most important thing to patients but sometimes developing a personal relationship with a doctor is important to the patient. This can be done through a myriad of ways and one of these includes promoting safety. Those doctors that are aware of activities their patients do can help by recommending exercises to prevent injury for example. Patients want a doctor that cares about every individual patient. The following are ways to promote safety that will help the medical practice retain patients.

Easy Parking Arrangements or Access

The ease of access to the office is important as you do not want patients coming in flustered or upset due to a traffic incident. This also has to do with convenience as people tend to judge an office on a myriad of factors. If a patient is sick and has to drive around the parking lot for a long time simply to park then this can become a safety issue. Have the parking lot repainted if the way it is painted now leads to any congestion or a multitude of blind corners. Enforcing towing for cars that are not of patients can be done by marking the spaces to reduce incidents of those going to businesses close to the office of taking vital spots. If your parking is across the street having a street guard can help out a lot. This can also be of help to people who have a tough time getting around due to an injury or their age.

Put Safety Literature In The Waiting Room

The waiting room is a nightmare for a variety of reasons including screaming children and sick people who are not in the best of moods. The tried and true method of putting things to read out in the waiting room can help distract patients during their wait. Putting literature that has to do with safety of all kinds is important. Child safety literature should be put all over a pediatricians office as everyone visiting can benefit from it. Instructions for lifting things properly to avoid injury could be something that fit great in a physical therapy office or orthopedic specialist. Informing people is important as it helps build a bond of trust between the practice and patients. The best thing that you can do is educate your patients while also giving them something to do rather than stare mindlessly at social media.

Blog About New Dangers To The Family or Children

The blog of a doctor’s office is grossly underestimated as it is the perfect place to impart knowledge on visitors. This can be a great way to attract new patients but it is important to write informative content instead of just advertising for the practice. For example, Parenting Pod has an article about child passenger safety which would be great on the practice blog. It is an issue that is constant as many people do not know the first thing about riding with their children in a safe manner. Too many small children without car seats are driven around all of the time. Find everyday problems then solve them from a health professional’s perspective. There are new toys and gadgets coming out daily that can put children in danger. The amount of predators that can reach your child through a smartphone is immense. Do not underestimate the convincing nature of these predators. The days of everyone roller blading are gone though so at least broken arms from falls has decreased.

As you can see it is important to show that your practice cares about your patient’s overall well-being instead of just their next appointment. Showing patients that you care about them personally can go a long way! Use these tips to promote safety and increase patient loyalty.

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