Chronic Insomnia: Review of Six Steps to Better Sleep

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I suffered from chronic insomnia for three years. I finally overcame it with some lifestyle changes, but some people struggle longer. I decided to review some of the great materials out there, so other insomniacs can get the help they need. One of the most popular resources is Peter Litchfield’s book “Six Steps to Sleep,” which comes with meditation recordings that may help you get into a more relaxing mindset. You can purchase the book and recordings for only $20. This is a great deal when you consider how your quality of life will improve if you get a better night’s sleep. Does this resource actually help people overcome their sleeping problems?

Review of Six Steps to Sleep

First off, I should let you know that this page includes affiliate links, so I get compensated for sale. I also didn’t actually use the product myself (I wish I heard of it while I still had sleeping issues of my own). However, this is an impartial review based on everything I can find on the product. It Is Recommended by the National Sleep Foundation The National Sleep Foundation recommended Six Steps to Sleep in 2013. This is one of the only products they have ever touted. Many People All Over the World Have Offered Testimonials After Using the Product You should always be careful about making purchases based on a merchant’s claims. Fortunately, many people that used Mr. Litchfield’s product have spoken very highly of it. Here is one of the many reviews that were left by happy customers. “Your book is very easy to follow and I’ve had good results so far with the Deep Sleep and Calm Mind meditations. I am off pills for the first time in 18 months and really determined to stick with this natural program. The last few days I have been yawning around 11pm and fall asleep most nights within 10-20 minutes, which makes a change from the usual two hours! This week I have started shopping for some of the sleep-friendly foods you suggest in the diet guide, so I’ll let you know how I get on. By the way, my doctor is very impressed with my progress and has asked to borrow your book!” The Author is a Sleep Consultant With 15 Years of Experience Mr. Litchfield has been a sleep hygiene consultant for the past 15 years. He isn’t someone that threw a book together overnight to make money. The Author Used His Own System He also suffered from insomnia himself for 15 years. He applied the same principles in hisook to overcome his own sleep problems.

What Are the Benefits and Limitations of Six Steps to Sleep?

Six Steps to Sleep is a book and a set of delta wave recordings that are meant to help induce sleep. The book itself is a great resource and well worth the purchase. The theta wave recordings may or may not benefit you as much. Unfortunately, there isn’t any research on the effectiveness of meditation music for sleep, although many people that use them claim that they are beneficial. Regardless, you don’t have to pay extra for them. They are included in the purchase of the book and are nice to listen to anyways. Overall, this is a great deal. You can purchase it for only $20.

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