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Revolution in Lab Testing: Theranos

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There is a revolution in lab testing!  Theranos makes it so easy!  No needles, no waiting, numerous tests possible with just one drop of blood at a much lower cost.

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There is a revolution in lab testing!  Theranos makes it so easy!  No needles, no waiting, numerous tests possible with just one drop of blood at a much lower cost.

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Theranos technology does not require any needles.  A special nano-container is used – samples can be as small as 1/1000 the size of a typical blood draw.  No huge vials to fill, no multiple vials to fill.  

Test results are ready in an average of 4 hours.  No waiting by the patient or the doctor in order to get results.

And Theranos offers hundreds of tests from routine bloodwork to advanced genetic analysis.  Just go to their website and see.  Click on test menu to see all test available WITH PRICING!!!

Theranos promises a half-off discount on Medicare fees.  That means that a test that costs $100, they will do for $50 or less!  

They also publish their margins-of-error variations online and on test results and order forms.



The techology at Theranos is automated and standardized, subtracting human error from the process.  It achieves margins-of-error of less than 10%, extremely low for the industry.

Often, doctors have to wait days for test results.  The results often return too late to help with patients’ diagnosis. Theranos can mean catching disease in its earliest stages making it much easier to treat.

The small amount of blood required and the absence of having to draw blood from the patient’s vein with a needle are huge benefits for those who fear needles and for those whose veins are fragile or collapsed due to multiple blood draws, severe illness or old age.

Theranos is offering testing at their breakthrough Wellness Centers.  They advertise that their goal is to have you in and out in minutes.  No need for appointment, no waiting, and they are open early mornings, nights, weekends and even some holidays.  And recently, Theranos has partnered with Walgreens.  With a first flagship store due to open in Palo Alto, CA, other centers will roll out in Walgreens outlets across the country.

Theranos wants to increase access to testing and they certainly are on the right track here.  Will the next step be a portable testing system?  Or a wearable diagnostic device?  One can only speculate, but with several retired military generals on the corporate board, there could be military applications in the battlefield coming up.





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