Revolution in Medical Publishing- The Article of the Future

October 26, 2012



While some bemoan the downward trend in classic publishing and the supposed death of books, they will be replaced by a new, more dynamic medium, three dimensional with new spatial intelligence.’

The transition to electronic publishing has already occurred. This is the ‘Model T’, expect more advanced formats coming very soon. Innovation is the word in teaching.

The knowledge base continues to expand and it is essential for us to use tools to keep up with the KB. Engagement is the answer for active engagement over passive learning.

These changes must also come to  scientific journals. No doubt ‘old school’ authorities, editors and publishers will at first balk at these changes. Openness and transparency will lead to new categories of credibility tagged and authenticated for scientific accuracy by a certifying academic authority to which editors will be able to document the review process.

A well known scientific publisher, Elsevier has already introduced the expanded format in some of their electronic editions. They compare the old as a flat presentation and the new as a three dimensional interactive presentation. Graphs become alive and can be measured in real time with tools built into the software.

Elsevier now offers eVolve, a site dedicated to teaching and learning with the new tools. The site offers numerous webinars dedicated to improved teaching using the new simulation software in textbooks. The Webinars relate to nursing curriculum but the methodology can easily be transferred to teaching medicine in general, and surgery in particular.

The Article of the Future is Live

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The possibilities are endless: