Sativa And Indica: Know About These Cannabis Plants Before Buying

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Today, medical Cannabis is no longer a taboo! In fact, it gets used by several people around the globe to recover and heal from various physical ailments. Usually, people who consume medical Cannabis can have an increased sense of mental and physical relaxation. They also sleep better, have a better appetite and feel less pain. When you are studying medical Cannabis, you will come across two types of cannabis plants, each carrying ample benefits.

These two medical cannabis types are Sativa and Indica. Each strain comes with its distinctive qualities and traits. Usually, the Indica strains offer a deep sense of relaxation in the body. And the Sativa strains, on the other hand, offers its users an engaging experience. You must know about Indica vs Sativa in detail so that you can choose accordingly when there’s a need.

The Cannabis Indica

Usually, Cannabis Indica is a bushy and a small plant. It has broad leaves, and it often grows quicker and records an increased yield as compared to the Sativa. The medicines generated from this plant provide high concentrations of CBD and a low mix of THC. Also, the Indica plant is highly dense. It has a thick, thumb-like spread and gets grown in some selected regions around the globe. Also, much later in the growing phase, an Indica plant that’s low lying can help in minimizing the problems related to heat stress. It enables the grower to have a bigger yield.

Some of the healing qualities of the Cannabis Indica strains are:

  • Complete mental relaxation
  • Reduction in nausea
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Helps to increase appetite
  • Reduces extreme pain
  • Helps to increase dopamine levels

Users found that it is apt for use during the night time when the body completely relaxes.

Cannabis Sativa

This cannabis plant is the exact opposite of the Indica strains. The Sativa comes with narrow, thin, and tall leaves. Also, the Sativa plants usually grow in a light green shade. The Sativa strains take more time to grow and need more light. And the medicine that gets produced using Sativa is high in THC and low in CBD counts.

The Sativa strains get delivered from the cannabis plants, which get harvested for several years in chosen geographical locations. Since these locations got isolated from other areas where the strains were grown, Sativa grew in the same style. These plants usually adapt to their natural environment of the growing location. Often, this plan gets spotted in the humid and hot climates.

Some of the healing properties of Sativa are:

  • Acts as an anti-depressant
  • It helps to reduce anxiety
  • Helps to maximize creativity and focus
  • Helps in treating excess pain
  • It helps to increase the level of serotonin

The Sativa plant medicines are perfect for day time use.

The objective of both Cannabis Sativa and Indica medicines is to enable the body to relax and heal. Once you are aware of the qualities and healing properties of each plant, you will know the benefits the medicines produced using the strains will bring you. That way, you can choose the best medical Cannabis.

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