Smart is the New Rich!

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The world is changing.


The world is changing.


The equity that will matter most isn’t green (as in money) but is grey (as in grey matter).  As the world emerges from the decades of over-spending and over-indulging we will see that what really establishes us as winners is our mind.  And it’s that ability to process information…to think…that will be the currency that will drive innovation and change. 

Not the dollar.  Not the pound.  Not the peso.  Not the dinar.  Not the yuan.

The currency of the future will be our cognitive ability.  And as technology shrinks the globe and reduces borders, all we have left is the stark reality of intellect.  So, while it might be cool to drive the hot car, or even cooler to be an empty-headed cast member of a reality show–cars rust &  fashion changes and an empty-headed reality star…well…generally stays empty headed.

So, think on my friends.  Your survival depends on it…

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