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The Future Of Dental Technology And Innovation

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  • We are seeing many exciting changes to the future of dental technology. Here's what to anticipate around the corner!

Especially with everything going on in the world, you can definitely expect there to be an evolution when it comes to figuring out how to keep up with the times! As the world around us goes digital, then the businesses around us quickly have to also figure out how they can stay relevant.

When it comes to the global dental industry, it’s no different. Just like Peabody Dentist Dr. Malmquist, you have to be well aware of the upgrades in technology in your industry to be able to give your clients and customers the absolute best service.

So, what does the future of dental technology and innovation look like?

Well, it looks like today.

In our expanding world, the growth of the industry seems to continuously be going through an upgrade or an innovation of some sort to make the world of dentistry more accessible, easier, and more affordable than ever before.

What problems are being solved with the future of dentistry? With a particular focus on oral care services and disease prevalence, the demand for a decline in chronic dental conditions has increased due to ever-present, harmful lifestyle choices like alcohol, tobacco, stress, and poor oral hygiene practices.

However, in order to keep up and stay relevant with this increase in demand and the world around them, the dental industry has stepped up its game with innovations like dental imaging, 3D printing, and dental CAD-CAM systems—helping bring the best of tomorrow’s dental services to patients today.

The Unique Advancements in the Industry

In order to help improve today and tomorrow’s dental care, there are different advancements in the industry that are popping up on an almost daily basis to continue improving healthcare.

Here are a few of the unique advancements happening in the dental industry:

1. Dental Imaging: As the increase in demand rises for dental imaging due to periodontal disease, old age, and other dental issues, the need for the technology to get better and better also increases.

The latest and the most advanced imagery in the industry has been needed to help keep up with the rising number of procedures. Also, especially with virtual dentistry and teledentistry becoming more and more prevalent, the growth of the dental imaging market worldwide has also increased in order to strengthen that connection between patient and dentist.

2. Dental 3D Printing: Through the advanced and evolved use of 3D Printing technology, the dentistry industry has adopted this service for clinical purposes.

This sort of printing in the dentistry industry has given professionals the ability to create customized medical devices to fit each patient and their specialized shapes, structures, and channels.

More specifically, 3D Printing technology has been adopted by dental practitioners through the use of customized dental implants. This makes it very easy to use, see the patient’s specific jaw and teeth, and have a very accurate model to refer to. These are helpful for dental procedures and helps improve the implant’s comfort and fit while in the mouth.

3. Dental CAD-CAM: This sort of technology, also known as computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-aided design (CAD), are being used more and more every day in the dental industry.

Designed with 3D customized images, it enables the dentist to be able to fix partial dentures and crowns and even work on mouth reconstruction or inlays with restorations—all within one appointment!

The Future of the Dental Industry

As technology and innovation in the dentistry industry have become more and more evolved to keep up with the modern world around them, offices also have had to adopt newer, unique procedures being used on a daily basis.

As the industry becomes more and more up-to-date with technology, the lives of both the dentists and patients alike are improving.

The goal at any dentist’s office is to help improve the oral health of a patient. However, if there are ways in which the office can also improve when it comes to comfort and effectiveness, this is always a plus!

We hope this article has helped introduce you to a few of the ways that dental technology is being fast-forwarded into the future of innovation.

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